Welcome to the Center of All Things! An Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based on the premise that Amber, as referenced in the books, is truly the Center of All Things. Amber is a kinder, gentler Amber, or was until Brand became King. Most of the family nonsense has stopped, and Brand rules with an apparently open hand, but his magicks monitor and see everything. He has vowed that no enemy, or friend, will ever damage the Pattern again. Chaos is under the hand of the politically masterful Zhuren Sawall, who rules with his sister Jishi as Queen. Zhuren is allegedly doing the Serpent's Will, and the Great Houses are either destroyed or fled. The Fae and Celestial Courts are very much involved in things, as is the Kingdom of Erbam, which was locked away for so long by Oberon. The Shadow Council, the Arthashastras and the Barimens, plus a few others, some known and some unknown, all continue their machinations, plots and sometimes just surviving, while a gaggle of Oberon's old enemies, recently freed from their imprisonment, are having an influence on things as well. This game centers around Amber, and specifically the Player Characters.
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Welcome to Chaos Rules! A limited duration Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based on Amber losing Patternfall. Most of the Elders are dead. Gerard is holding down the fort in Amber, and will no doubt be under attack before long. Flora and Bleys might have survived, and Dalt has plans. Plans which place him on the throne of Amber. Shayde returns from a top secret mission to the Courts of Chaos, and Ash, long in self-exile, is moving in the Shadows, too. As for Chaos, they are celebrating the destruction of most of the Royal Family, and preparing to cross the Shadows for a final battle, this time in Amber's front yard. Can the players thwart the will of Dalt, of Swayvill, of the Serpent? Or will they simply die with the rest, and then forevermore, Chaos Rules! Effective 1/25…Since this game is limited duration, when Chapter Three starts, the number of players is being frozen, as this game will conclude at the end of 2014.

Going Forward I will run something after Chaos Rules. Several people have made suggestions, and the possibilities exist for: Modern Day Cthulhu, Amber, Vampire, Zombie or something else. Don't hold your breath looking for more updates, they will not come for months.

UPDATED 3/10/2014
Three things!!

One: I am now working 10a to 9p, Sunday through Wednesday. Starting April 20th I will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 7a to 6p.

Two: Send me PMs describing what kind of story you would like to see your character do (i.e. sci-fi, mystery, horror, combat, romance - also, please tell me what you want to do with your experience points. Some of you have many dozens of points saved up.

Three: I have no idea how long I'll keep running this game, but as of today, I'm still all in with it. The campaign is now five years old, as of June 26th.. To keep things fresh and interesting, and to satisfy the desire to play other characters now and again, I will be running mini-campaigns on occasion. Rules, characters, points and objectives will change for each one. Each game will have its own section. Now running: Chaos Rules! The short version is that Amber lost the war. Look for the new site soon. I will run it from this site, using this page instead of Limited Amber Unlimited, which I am getting rid of.

Disclaimer: Many of the posts are rated R and some make it to NC-17. Please keep that in mind when allowing people to read posts.

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