Scions of Amber Campaign

"But then, what can any man really know of that which lies within a scion of Amber?" - The Guns of Avalon

Welcome to Scions of Amber! An Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based in the same campaign world as Center of All Things, but over a dozen centuries later, in Amber time. It has been over a thousand years since The Interruption and Brand's Solution. Queen Arianne rules Amber. Corilaine is no longer under the curse of Osric, and Willow rules as Queen. With the end of the Curse, the Hendrakes are preparing to leave Corilaine, ostensibly to ally with Helgram and Talon, to bring an end to the current regime in Chaos. With Julian's death, Arden is free from the yoke of their Elven oppressors. But who will rule Arden in his stead? Arden is looking like it is going to balkanize, with a number of kingdoms possibly being the result. Derestine of House Gaukan rules Chaos, the first Queen of Chaos without a King for time immemorial. From Arden to Corilaine, from Chaos to Amber, the fate of the multiverse is in the hands of the Scions of Amber. This game is not accepting new players.

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After ten years, this page is getting a little cluttered. I am beginning to delete old OCC threads, backstories and structure from characters who had limited play time in Center of All Things. Chaos Rules will be joining it soon. Fear not, I have saved the stories on my Google Drive. OOCs are being deleted. With the lack of usage of the 'No Man's Land' section, it is being deleted. And no, I never read it.

UPDATED 8/5/2019

Three things!!

One: Did a strikethrough on the advanced statistics. Ken and Bryan remember that I removed it previously. Shaun, I should have told you that but forgot I had it on the page. Your character sheet has the regular stats, so we're good.

Two: With the end of Eight Princes I will have time to focus on Scions as it deserves. I will actually start to remove old content, after I have saved it on Google Drive, as far as the logs are considered. If you want, I will email your individual stories to you so you can read them again and again (with a good search engine, too!) I will be posting for Darke Matter for Ken. Steve's games are no longer running and I still have no plans for a second project for a campaign at this point. It will probably happen at some point, and will probably not be an Amber game. It may use the same rules, and will definitely be diceless, but apart from that, I have no active plans for a campaign. Amber Epic will happen someday, or maybe not. I have started on that, but there is no plan to run that at this time. (Maybe 2025)

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Past Campaigns

Center of All Things! An Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based on the premise that Amber, as referenced in the books, is truly the Center of All Things. Amber is a kinder, gentler Amber, or was until Brand became King. Most of the family nonsense has stopped, and Brand rules with an apparently open hand, but his magicks monitor and see everything. He has vowed that no enemy, or friend, will ever damage the Pattern again. Chaos is under the hand of the politically masterful Zhuren Sawall, Jishi is dead, and Amber, Chaos, the Shadow Council, and House Talon are in a four-way war. Zhuren is allegedly doing the Serpent's Will, and the Great Houses are either destroyed or fled. Erbam is under attack and the node containing Phyrexia has been destroyed by the horrifying actions of the Shadow Council. The Shadow Council, the Arthashastras and the Barimens, plus a few others, some known and some unknown, all continue their machinations, plots and sometimes just surviving, while a gaggle of Oberon's old enemies, recently freed from their imprisonment, are having an influence on things as well. This game centers around Amber, and specifically the Player Characters. This campaign has ended.

Chaos Rules! A limited duration Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based on Amber losing Patternfall. Most of the Elders are dead. Gerard is dead. Flora lives, and maybe Bleys. Dalt has paid for his sins with his life. Shayde is on a quest to rescue the woman he loves, deep in Rebma and Ash, long in self-exile, is in Amber, basically in charge. As for Chaos, they are celebrating the destruction of most of the Royal Family and preparing to cross the Shadows for a final battle, this time in Amber's front yard. They took the Castle once. Can they do it again? Can the players thwart the will of Swayvill, of the Serpent? Or will they simply die with the rest, and then forevermore, Chaos Rules! This limited duration game has ended.

Welcome to Eight Princes in Amber! An Amber Diceless RPG Campaign based on Nine Princes in Amber with one major difference. The bullets that put Corwin into the lake also put him into a grave. Who actually killed Corwin? How will this impact the event of Nine Princes? This game was created to accommodate people with slower posting schedules. None of them played. This game is ended. Not currently accepting new players. Also, expect to go at minimum a week between GM posts, and I am planning to average between one week and two weeks. I had intended for this to be a slow-paced campaign, to accommodate people who cannot post frequently, but none of those are posting, so I am speeding the game up. It will be in five Chapters and will conclude at the end of the Patternfall War. Chapter Two has started, and dark things are moving in the Shadows.

Disclaimer: Many of the posts are rated R and some make it to NC-17. Please keep that in mind when allowing people to read posts. You should also know what you should be and should not be typing. Anything violating that will be removed immediately.

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