Amber Medical School

Located on the first floor, seaside, in Amber, the school was founded by Kyrie, daughter of Bleys and was built during the reign of Random I.

The first and current President of the University is Jada, Kyrie's Mom.
Other professors include Kyrie, Ben, Lila, Gerard, Llewella and Milli.

The inital eight students:

Rebecca, daughter of Florimel.
Sanvor, son of Lord Mull
'Tisha, daughter of Lord Carrick
Allen, son of Lord Napier
Sierra, daughter of Bannen, slain Sgt from Amber's Marines
Jaysen, son of Reginald and Sarai, servants to the Crown
Merrilynn (deceased), daughter of Felicity, a local prostitute. Rumored to have fathered a child with Khelendos.
Sammen, son of Latimeria Noble from Rebma.

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