Benedict, son of Oberon and Cymnea

Father of:

Callum - General of the Armies, Prince of Amber, husband to Princess Kyrie of Amber. Wielder of Frostmourne.

Callum.jpg Callum2.jpg Callum3.jpg

Darius - (Deceased) Rogue from Theramore. Speaks with a funny accent. Former Mayor of Ambertown, killed with Flittchen, by Clive.

Gwendaline - Slayer of Lowell, wielder of Dusk.

Gwendaline2.jpg gwendaline.jpg Gwendaline3.jpg

Jaelynn - Captain of the Royal Guard. Second in command of the Inglorious Basterds. Princess of Amber.

Jaelynn.jpg Jaelynn2.jpg

Lowell - Sacrificed himself to end all hostilities in the Benedict Wars.

Quiana - (Deceased) Trump artist extraordinaire, albino.


Satele Shan - Part time puppet, part time warrior, part time diplomat

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