Shadow Catalina - Port of Pendrell Town and their great economic rival and occasionally enemy, Sivuaani.

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Pendrell Town, port city of the Kingdom of Pendrell. Pendrell has been influenced by Ellowin, while their archrivals and sometimes archenemies the Sivuaani are influenced by Corilaine. Over a thousand years ago a fleet of black ships attacked and nearly destroyed Sivuaani. It was the last time Pendrell and Sivuaani actually allied themselves.


Sivuaani, economically inferior to Pendrell and led by a scion of the Royal House Ehrens, who were exiled when Harla took over Corilaine with the help of Oberon, is surviving. They have some capable agents, and it is said that the blood of Amber flows in the veins of a few of the members of the Ehrens family.


Sivuaani is ruled by a King. King Kelvin Ehrens is a good man, with a difficult job, and children who may put him into an early grave. Hopefully not literally.

His wife, Audrey Ehrens, a descendant of Florimel of Amber
Skyview Cliffs is the third power of Shadow Catalina. They are adept with magic, which explains their castle.

Felicity the Red, Corsair at large. Skyview Cliffs' most infamous daughter is the possibly incompetent Felicity. She seems to benefit from what some call dumb luck and others just call "dumb". Either way, nobody has brought her to justice…yet. Rumored to dabble in sorcery and alchemy.


Her boat is called The Light of Day and is fairly non-descript, but fast. Standard tactics are to look innocent and helpless and then rake opposing ships at point-blank range with cannons and hurl alchemical monstrosities at the crews of the other ship.

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