Corilaine Restored

Corilaine Restored

When Princess Deirdre died, followed shortly thereafter by Queen Sand of Corilaine, they passed their blessings on to the devastation that was once Corilaine, before Osric's curse slaughtered a billion people and destroyed an entire world. Previous attempts to reverse Osric's Spite failed, sometimes spectacularly. Larinne Minobee, who became Queen on the death of Sand, sent members of the family to see what effects the twin blessings had. Many of them, including Ian and Delanne, perished in an attempt to clear their homeland of the horrible creatures that Osric had spawned. Centuries later, when Larinne died, her blessing, as well as several others, continued to help pacify the Hate. As time has passed and more blessings were placed on Corilaine by dying members of the family, the Spite of the hated Osric was finally weakened, and through the efforts of the Royal Family of Corilaine, their allies from Amber, House Hendrake, including Hellmaidens and Force Ten, and other allies, the Spite was defeated and the monster population has collapsed like a wet house of cards. More and more of Corilaine has become inhabitable, and the interior areas are now safe enough to sleep unguarded in. The areas surrounding them are mostly cleared of monsters, and only Hellmaiden and army patrols even run into many creatures, and those encounters are becoming scarce. Wyvern air troops seek out the largest of creatures and mages kill them now, which has dramatically lowered the casualty rate. Corilaine is becoming restored.

House Hendrake is now a part of Corilaine. Hendrake Soon, however, the seat of House Hendrake will be moved to a Shadow with a city called Mox.

During the invasion of Corilaine, a war raged between the forces of Osric and the armies of Corilaine.

Delwin had compelled Finndo's son Khelendos to kill Finndo, which he did. Khelendos led a small force into Corilaine, touching off a war that resulted in the deaths of Delwin and over a dozen members of the third generation of Amber.

When Osric was killed by the Twilight Vanquisher in the Unseelie Lands, he proclaimed his death curse on Corilaine, who had thought that they were victorious, having smashed the armies of the children of Osric and Finndo.

This was the result:


With the death of Sand and the death of Deirdre, both of them used the power of their blood to bless the land of Corilaine, which as a Primal Place could not be easily affected by most powers. Queen Larinne of Corilaine-in-Exile sent members of the third generation and others to see the effects of the deaths of two Elders of Amber. They found a small area where trees were beginning to grow again. They began to rebuild. Many, many deaths resulted from having to clear away monsters and beasts warped by the Hatred of Osric.

Some of the Shadow is still in ruins, but Corilaine Restored is now a vibrant forest, with Queen Willow replacing the deceased Kiandra. With the deaths of Ian, Delanne and Adrianna, the most powerful swords of Corilaine are silent now.


Many of Deirdre's descendants are responsible for the entrance to the Valley of Corilaine. This valley spills out into the Wastes of Despite. Their Castle, Castle Overlook, guards the approaches to Corilaine. This is known as Derek's castle, although Sloan makes her seat there now.


Corilaine's Queen, Willow, lives in a smaller castle on the other end of the great Valley of Corilaine. Her castle defends an end of the valley that backs up against mountains and so is seldom visited by horrors from the wastes.

Willow, Queen of Corilaine. Daughter of Torin, Deirdre's son, and Nissa, Sand's daughter. Excellent organizational skills. Has proven to be a dynamic leader and none doubts her now. Allegedly romantically involved with Aidan of Amber.

Corilaine Castle, traditional seat of the Queen. Sloan's headquarters is here.

Sloan, General of the Armies of Corilaine, loved by, lusted over, adored by, revered by, and respected by all. Mourns the loss of her brother Derek. Reportedly courting Darius of Amber, who has moved to Corilaine to be with Sloan.

Uncovered in the recovery of the land was a castle belonging to Delwin, who was driven mad trying to deal with creatures from outside of all realities. His Castle is off limits and is magically sealed.

Kaya, daughter of Cressida can be found here. She is one of the most powerful mages in Corilaine. She is beloved of Bert, who has left the Council and is living with Kaya.
Constructs allegedly made or found by Delwin can be found near this keep.
Guinevere, daughter of Gwendaline, wielder of Dusk. (Deceased) Died in battle with the forces of the Serpent. The sword Dusk was lost. Widow of Riluo Zhangfu.
Aubrielle Shakti, daughter of Jaehde. Granddaughter of Osric, but an enemy of that line and Finndo's, part Tantric Demon.
Maria, mother of Bregos (deceased) Killed in the final battle against the forces of the Serpent.
Melissa, daughter of Chelsea, granddaughter of Ian. (Deceased). Died ending Osric's curse.

Derek, son of Delanne (deceased) Beloved, heroic general of the armies of Corilaine. Died during the last battle against the forces of the Serpent.


Queen Kiandra, (deceased) the Queen of Corilaine, has led her people back to a homeland few of them remember. The Forest of Corilaine is restored, and the people are hyper-vigilant as they carefully push their borders and widen the area they can call safe. Kiandra's lover, Astrid, helps maintain the safety of this Paradise Regained. Sloan, daughter of Delanne leads the armies and Kaya, daughter of Cressida opens new ways for the people to find what they need to be safe in Corilaine.


Her lover Astrid, former head of the first Council of Amber. (Deceased) Astrid is a daughter of Fiona who became undead at the same time as Kiandra, while they were on a mission for Dworkin. She lived with her lover Kiandra and stays in her castle. Recently returned from the ranks of the undead while helping to modify the Pattern, and then time caught up to her and Kiandra, tragically ending their existences.


Shadow Road to Ellowin

Ellowin is an ancient trading partner, and an old enemy, thanks to Oberon of Amber dumping Harla, making Delwin and Sand illegitimate, and then claiming he had married Rilga of Ellowin, thus making her his Queen, and subsequently backing Ellowin in a war against Corilaine.

When Corilaine was destroyed, Ellowin suffered greatly on the eastern continent when Osric brought the apocalypse to Corilaine. Members of House Gerard have been ever vigilant ever since.

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