Courts of Chaos

Courts of Chaos

Amber's ancient homeland and current foe. (And future friend?)

The Royal Palace of Chaos




Houses of Chaos

House Sawall
Royal House Swayvill
House Asmadi
House Bolas
House Caer
House Chanicut
Tanarno Chanicut - Weapon Master. Old, eccentric, taught Qaatil to fight, (others did, too)

House Derine
House Golaas
House Helgram
House Hendrake
House Jesby
Royal House Kavinian
House Ly'Drunder
House Zek
House Muram
House Helgram
House Chanicut
Royal House Sawall

And the not ready for the Logrus players of "The Far, Far, Far Side of the Abyss" aka Children of the (Uni) Corn.

Javen Ly'Drunder as King Randy the First
Portia Muram as Queen Braille
Rallos Zek as Benny the Knife
Vallon Zek as Bland, Wizard extraordinaire
Tallon Zek as Blase, his brother
Coro Ly'Drunder as Grrr
Mata Muram as Flea, sorceress
Koy Sawall as Kockinhose
Durindo Helgram as Phallum, General of the Armies

Xira, Priestess of the Logrus and the Serpent which Devours the World.


House Arthashastra
Simon Arthashastra - Mouthpiece of the House, Cleaner, Fixer.

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