Darke Matter

Characters from Darke Matter

Ian, our main character. A brilliant scientist who helped perfect the Possibility Drive. His sister Natasha worked with him, and she is missing, perhaps in a different dimension.
Ananke - Android and ship's pilot, previously from the Falbrook. Olwen had her designed to look like her as a reminder to Belenos.
Avery - Engineer, and apparently knows things before they happen.
Belenos - Captain of the Shrike and former Captain of the Falbrook. No nonsense, but a good man.
Bixley - Sent by Miral Corporation to help in the Raid on Waycorp and probably the angriest at the betrayal by Miral.
Chapman - good with a gun, great with Olwen. Formerly on the Wicklow, lover of Olwen. Does not get along great with Belenos.
DK - good with a gun, better with a knife. Formerly on the Falbrook and very dedicated to Belenos. She is a master of unarmed combat. Tough and no-nonsense.
Dana - appeared as if by magic and helped the Shrike escape from the world of mists, also known as Amber. Has little to no technological skills but seems to have other abilities.
Haruna - doctor
Julmuss - did a lot of unethical experiments for Waycorp. Was apparently a spy for Miral. Medical doctor with some odd specialties.
Lessa - hotshot badass pilot from the Wicklow.
Natasha - sister to Ian. Missing in action since the raid on Waycorp.
Neith - Android from the Wicklow.
Olwen - First Mate of the Shrike, former Captain of the Wicklow. Lover of Chapman.
Simara - scientist formerly on the Falbrook. Rumored to be involved with Belenos.
Vasara - repairman of the ship. She isn't an engineer. She isn't a theoretical scientist. She can fix a starship with two sticks and a rock and if you give her enough duct tape, she can move mountains.
The Shrike - a Peregrine-class corvette, made by Consolidated Aerospace and outfitted with a Possibility Drive by Waycorp. Belenos, Olwen and their crews stole the ship to escape the Miral Corporation after they were betrayed by Miral.
Falbrook - shuttle from the original Falbrook, which was Belenos's ship, before it was critically damaged and destroyed during the raid on Waycorp.
Wicklow - shuttle from the original Wicklow, which was Olwen's ship, before it was critically damaged and abandoned during the raid of Waycorp. Olwen destroyed it herself with two of her dead crewmen as they left the planet.darke%20other%20shuttle.jpg

Also: Bartholomew Higgins. (Deceased) Scientist of Waycorp, worked with Ian and Natasha on the Possibility Drive. Energy specialist. Killed by a shot from a Miral frigate that caused a concussive effect that broke his neck.

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