Deirdre, daughter of Oberon and Faiella

Mother of:

Adrianna - Tough as nails. Never seen in Amber.
adrianna1.bmp adrianna2.jpg
Alexander - Morose, broody, drinks a bit much, dangerous with a blade.
Alexia - Cold as ice, unless your name is Bleys, if rumors can be believed.
Alexia1.jpg Alexia2.jpg
Corrie - Mother of Jonas, sharp tongue on her, not liked by many.
Delanne - unequalled in combat. Has never lost a sword fight. Might be better than her mother.
delanne4.jpg delanne6.jpg
Desiree - until recently unknown daughter. Apparently not very nice, but is the new ambassador to Amber from Corilaine.
Desiree1.jpg Desiree2.jpg Desiree3.jpg
Ian - killer of Mara Chanicut and Eric's son Jiro. Not much of a sense of humor, doesn't take prisoners or treat stupidly with people.
Livonya - Former pirate, usually guarding one place or person or another, a role she seems to relish.
Smith - Carrot-chewing, gun-toting, trenchcoat wearing man of action.
Torin - Playboy son, loved and/or reviled in many places.
Wesley - Former assassin, smartass and overall nice guy.
Wesley1.jpg Wesley2.jpg

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