Shadow Desolace - A dead Shadow, with huge cities that are occasionally raided, and occasionally people and ships disappear. Or just people. Cities include Gaszad, Tugaz, Jecroz and Tenkhith Mox, site of an ancient duel between magical forces.

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Tenkhith Mox

A lonely place, now overrun by nature. It was famously the site of a magical duel that killed everyone in the city and wrecked the two-thirds the painting does not show. Many groups of adventurers have gone to loot the place and few have returned. Interestingly enough, the ones who did return said it was very peaceful. Some of them have since killed themselves.



Remote city, walled, with the Temple of a dead god in the middle of it. The city is believed to have creatures magical and mundane within. It is far inland and probably has not been intruded upon in centuries.
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