Eight Princes in Amber

Beginning in 2016.

He followed the same road every day, at nearly the same time. Damn him, the man had no idea what danger he was in. I had a good vantage point from my lakeside house, as I waited for him to make his morning drive. Or at least I thought it was him. I heard her walking up behind me. I was surprised she was still walking after the night we had had. What in name of hell was her name? She had mentioned being an actress, and we had watched the movie she was in. David Lynch was an odd director, but he could sure pick his actresses. She said something to me as I saw the car. I raised the binoculars and looked, zooming in close enough to see him smoking a cigarette, and clearly singing along with some song. She leaned against my back. I was always a sucker for that, and her hand circled around to my front, feeling my chest. She said something in that cute accent she had. Yes. That was almost certainly him. She told me she had to leave by lunch to get back to New York for a meeting about her new project. I nodded and turned as she dropped to her knees. Right about when I went off, the gunshot did, too. I turned my head just in time to see the car veer off the road and crash into the lake.

Welcome to Eight Princes in Amber.

Oberon has been missing for quite some time. Benedict has been gone lo these many years, and is probably dead. Bleys hasn't been seen in Amber since the new Protector took over. Brand has been missing for quite some time as well. Caine is running half the fleet for the Protector. Gerard runs the other half. Julian, as usual, is in charge of Arden. Random left Amber some years ago, but is occasionally in touch, so he has no doubt been raising hell in the Shadows. Eric is the Protector of Amber, Regent, in the absence of his father, King Oberon. And what of Corwin? He has been gone for so long many believe he's dead.

Many would be correct.

Oh. The girls are off doing something too. Whatever.

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