The Royal Family of Amber

Oberon.jpg Oberon, King of Amber

Oberon - First King of Amber - (Deceased) Sacrificed himself to recreate the Pattern of Amber.

Benedict.jpg benedict

- Prince of Amber - (Deceased) Led the armies of Amber in the attack on the Courts of Chaos.

Bleys.jpg bleys

- Former King of Amber - With Castle Amber mysteriously restored, although rumored to have been effected by Dworkin, Bleys has returned the other Moon, and Tir-na-N'ogth has strangely vanished. After the damage to the Pattern, which resulted in the deaths of Fiona, Cynwyd and others, Bleys stepped down, abdicating in the favor of the only Prince in Amber.

Brand.jpg  brand

- King of Amber -  Brand is in league with the Unicorn, and was one of the architects of Amber's victories over Chaos and the Void Engineers.  Recently ascended to the throne, peacefully, when Bleys abdicated, although some say Brand orchestrated the whole thing. Plans on running a much tighter ship than Bleys did. Or Eric. Or Random…

Corwin.jpg corwin

Corwin - King of Argent, a peaceful realm. Remaining incredibly isolationist. Even his children have been scarce…for now.

Julian.jpg julian

Julian - Prince of Amber, Master of Arden. With Benedict, led the majority of Amber's armies against the Courts of Chaos. With Gerard's death, has gone into seclusion. Jolene rules Arden in his stead.

Random.jpg random

Random, King of Amber (Deceased) - Husband of Vialle. Selected by the Unicorn to be the new King of the One True City. Abdicated his throne after the murder of Crown Prince Chance. Killed in the Courts of Chaos by Dakkon's Blackblade of Phyrexia's order.

Gerard.jpg gerard

Gerard - (Deceased) - Killed by Sapphir, via Nash. Prince of Amber - Admiral of the Navy. Husband to Tasha.

Eric.jpg Eric

Eric, King of Amber - (Deceased) Husband of Mei Lien. Died after sealing Hell from Shadow. Returned somehow, and subsequently expired.

Caine.jpg caine

Caine, Prince of Amber (Deceased) Slain by Bleys during an attack on Amber. His Blood Curse is believed to have brought about the destruction of Castle Amber. Currently trapped in a soul gem.

Deirdre.jpg deirdre

Deirdre, Princess of Amber. Resides in Shadow these days. Very unhappy with Amber's attack on Corilaine. Recovering from having her legs blown off by an unknown assailant. With the destruction of Corilaine, is in Shadow again, and keeping out of family politics. Has refused coming to Amber to bend the knee to Brand.

Fiona%281%29.jpg Fiona

Fiona, Princess of Amber. (Deceased) Frequently teaches sorcery at the School in Amber. Badly wounded during the attack of the Cosette in Everspring. Recovered now and serving as Bleys's Court Sorceress. Died when the Pattern was damaged.

Flora.jpg florimel

Florimel, Princess of Amber. Missing for a long time. Believed to have been abducted by some renegade Sawalls. Rescued from a fictional Shadow by Magnus and others, and has returned to Amber, where she is expected to bend the knee to her brother, Brand.

Llewella.jpg llewella

Llewella, Princess of Amber and former Queen of Rebma, beloved of Cascata. Finally able to openly recognize some of her children. Exiled.

Finndo.jpg finndo

Finndo, Prince of Amber. (Deceased) Killed by Khelendos, after Khelendos was compelled by Delwin. Dying, Finndo bestowed his death curse on Delwin, driving Delwin mad and allowing for his capture and subsequent killing by Khelendos.

Osric.jpg osric

Osric, Prince of Amber. (Deceased) Was with Khelendos when Finndo was killed. Killed in the Unseelie lands by the darkest of magicks, at the hands of Sapphir, the Twilight Vanquisher. Bestowed his death curse on Corilaine.

Delwin.jpg delwin

Delwin. (Deceased) Dedicated his life to understanding demonic threats that would one day be so dangerous to Amber they would necessitate someone knowing a bit too much about them. He was driven insane by the truths he learned, and probably compelled or at least influenced by the greater demonic powers. Responsible for Finndo's death. Killed by Khelendos.

sand.jpg sand

Sand. Queen of Corilaine. Corilaine is in ruins, and her people mostly slain by the armies of Osric and Finndo's children.


Mirelle, daughter of Oberon (deceased) Interloper, meddler and avoider of all things related to Amber. Rumored to be married to an important Amberite. Or maybe a Chaosian. Or an Unseelie Lord. Or Lady. Died when the Pattern was damaged.


Angel, daughter of Oberon. Remains in Shadow, feeling that the safest place for her and her children.


Elwynne, daughter of Oberon

Nepenthe, daughter of Oberon, currently ruling the Unseelie Court and hideously disfigured by the Unicorn, whom Nepenthe had slain.

Cianfa, daughter of Oberon. Necromancer extraordinaire, guardian of the Spirit of Caine, which is imprisoned in the Black Soulstone.


Teigan, son of Oberon. Banned and banished, for pursuing a forbidden love.


Teferi, daughter of Swayvill. Banned and banished, beloved of Teigan.

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