Kingdom once ruled by Rilga, who later married Oberon. Oberon supported Ellowin in a conflict against Corilaine, and the two nations, never friends, hated each other ever since.

When Osric attacked Corilaine initially, he took the Shadow Path through Ellowin. The Ellowin did not stop him, which would only add to the animosity.

With Osric's death and subsequent death curse, some of the monsters that were spawned in Corilaine went through the main Shadow Path (in the mountains) into Ellowin. The Ellowin promptly collapsed the tunnel and the creatures, still drawn to the Shadow Path, tunneled through. Many were killed, and only luck enabled Ellowin to be able to ask help from a passing Amberite. Several descendants of Rilga arrived and safeguarded the tunnel, and slew the creatures that were rampaging throughout Ellowin.

This persists to this day. To address the issue of waiting on the wrong side of the tunnel, a fort was built on the Corilainian side. Sand opposed it, calling it an invasion. One of Gerard's daughters told Sand to go F herself and did it anyway. Sand took no action, after being counseled that they were killing monsters that would otherwise be rampaging in Corilaine, and that there was no downside to it.

Camp Matthias was formed, named after a son of Gerard who had vanished long ago. It was overrun and destroyed. Later, the Ellowin sought help, and now several cities are close to the Ellowin end of the tunnel, and the fort is now made of rock and iron, with a side wall 250 wide and 60 feet tall or as the troops call it, not big enough. The main gate is larger. Now it is called Fort Matthias.

They have a dizzying array of ballistae, catapults, and pits that decimate creatures. The weapons are sighted and oil can be pumped out to form a moat on short notice. It also floods into sections of the killing fields before the Fortress. Railway tracks allow for quick reinforcement, with many deliveries of concrete, steel and weapons are constantly being sent in, so the troops will have some chance against the creatures of Corilaine.

On the other side of the tunnel is Ellowin, which is overlooked by White Rock. Several other cities are close by, and they are all three military towns, which exist solely to provide supplies to the Fort Matthias, and to keep creatures from rampaging in Ellowin again.
scions%20ellowin%20tunnel.jpgWhite Rock - Governed not by members of the Royal Family, White Rock is a military city that runs with efficiency, and no crime other than the occasional fights, usually prompted by alcohol. Murders are rare, but are dealt with harshly. There are usually one or more members of Rilga's line through Oberon present at any given time. Another is always in Fort Matthias.

Currently present:

Kelly, daughter of Gerard - apparently immortal, Kelly claims to be almost two thousand years old, and is renowned for being the first one to kill a rampaging monster. From the inside.
Drake, son of Garrett - descended from Caine and Gerard, Drake is a doctor and warrior both. He excels at each.
Angus, son of Johann and Britta
Breanna, daughter of Johann and Britta
Freya, daughter of Johann and Britta
Johann II, son of Johann and Britta
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