The Five Courts of the Faeries

The Daione Sidhe (dee nee shee)
The Knockany
The Seelie Court (Or the Court of Summer)
The Trooping Court
The Unseelie Court (Or the Court of Winter)

(Nepenthe, Unseelie Crown Princess)
(Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness)
(Lethe, other daughter of Mab)

(Nuckelavee the Skinless)
There is no thing, living or un-living, or that has lived or will live that hates like the Nuckelavee. Accounts vary of this brutal fae, but each account makes clear the pure, unrelenting brutality of the thing, and it's only desire to devour and destroy.

If pursued by the skinless horse and rider, there is safety on the other side of running water. Cross a stream and it cannot follow, but it is difficult to outrun, brutal when confronted, and overall perhaps the most cruel and mindlessly vicious of the Unseelie Court.

If interested, a good site is: http://www.orkneyjar.com/folklore/nuckle.htm

(Delbaeth, the Shape of Fire)

Normally appearing as very tall and large bearded man, Delbaeth takes on a fiery form when in battle, where none can harm him and few can resist his thrown fireballs. Though nominally a member of the Unseelie Court, he is somewhat of a rogue and may often choose to do as he wishes. He is mainly brought in line by fear of his blood-cousin Pallol and of Queen Mab.

(Pallol One-Eye, Unseelie Warlord)

Paramount warlord of the Unseelie, leads the horde in battle. Over nine foot tall and massive, his warfare, strength and endurance are things of legend. He wears a metal eyepatch over his right eye, which is a color unfathomable. When raised, it emits a beam of power than destroys all but the most protected foes. His psychic strength is tremendous, and manifests itself in this beam. Pallol is old, old, old, and while intensly loyal to the throne, he suffers from boredom and weariness. It takes much to arouse him to anger, but pity the fools who do so.

(Sharn-Mes, Unseelie Warlord)

Given Pallol's disinterest in affairs over the last forty or so years, Sharn-Mes has had the thankless job of leading the Host. A strong, capable general, he is considered one of the rising stars in the Court. His personal battle prowess is significant, and wields a flaming sword. He often leads the sorties and raids at Mab's orders.

(Ayfa, wife of Sharn-Mes)

The Unseelie host does not discriminate based on sex- there are many female warriors of various goblin, ogre and other half-fairy races. Ayfa is the unacknowledged leader of the female warriors. No real sorcerous abilities, though her personal battle prowess is considerable. Generally considered the craftier half of her and her husband.

(Herne, leader of the Wild Hunt)

While not truly part of the Unseelie, Herne is not welcomed at all by the Seelie Court. He leads the damned souls captured by his Wild Hunt, and is summoned those desiring vengeance. His own abilities include tremendous sorcerous abilities, as well as personal battle prowess. He is believed to not be of the Sidhe, but of an older order- perhaps a forgotten deity that has diminished.

Known enemies

The Quiet…aka the Dull Ones…aka The Banalitat

Known allies

The Seelie and Unseelie Courts are known to have some family tree history with the Court of Amber.
The Knockany are very reclusive and have no known allies…or enemies apart from the Quiet.
The Daione Sidhe are allied with the Hosts of Tai Shan.
The Trooping Court has many allies in Shadow.

Daione Sidhe Faeries

Blanchefleur - Frequently seen in the company of Celandine, Julian's half-elven son.


Seelie Faeries
Rhiannon - Queen of the Seelie Court. Picture a radical feminist with ADD and you have Rhiannon. Or more likely, she has you.

Rhiannon.jpg Rhiannon2.jpg

Marigold - Golden hair and silver eyes, dresses in white, silver and gold and wields a long, thin sword with a flower for the hilt - making it look like a Chinese kung fu sword. Known to be deadly in combat and friendly with pretty much everyone.

Unseelie Faeries

Lycosa, Countess of the Web - One of the Unseelie's most trusted spies messengers. Her clothing is black and violet and appears to be made of spun spider web. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

Clear Bow - short, thin and ugly like he crashed a glider in the Ugly Stick Forest. He is also transparent at times.

Agelena, Lycosa's assistant. Just that. Dresses in skin-tight silver, known to favor younger men.

Dain, Sword of Dusk - One of the weaponmasters of the Unseelie Court. Known to be friendly with the Seelie and very much against the Trooping Faeries.

Sapphir, the Twilight Vanquisher. Unseelie Lady of great power. Paid little heed to Mab, and none to Nepenthe or Lethe. Said to be powerful with twisted and bizarre magicks.

Sapphir's Four Daughters
Ranee, might be the next Queen of the Unseelie

Ramona, Counselor and Protector of the Vanquishers

Ramya, Bringer of Pleasure

Ranae, The Resurrected. Killed by Amber, brought back by Sapphir, but at what cost? At what cost?

Arachne, Steward of the Breaking Dawn

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