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Ian Character Form

Character Name: Ian, son of Deirdre, a.k.a. Ian Cassidy

Physical Description:

Most people couldn't give you a good description of Ian. He is fair-skinned, which is offset by his jet black hair. Sometimes he is clean-shaven, other times he sports facial hair. He blends in well at parties and can go for some length of time without even being noticed. He dresses in black most of the time, although something white and something azure are always on his person. His eyes are blue, and his resemblance to his mother is obvious. He is just under 6 feet tall and only dresses formally when appropriate.

Character History:

Ian has been in Amber or Rebma most of his life. A dutiful son to his mother, he trained with her with weapons at length when he was growing up. As a teenager, he fell in love with Aunt Florimel, which is probably the worst-kept secret in all of Amber. Becoming old enough to be of use to Oberon, he joined Amber's espionage service, and has done many missions for the Crown.

He was sent into Shadow, to the Shadow called Shadow-Earth to look for Corwin. Deirdre believed him to be in New Orleans. He spent years searching for the missing uncle, who of course was nowhere near New Orleans. Ian made his money first as a bartender, then as a fencing instructor.


Ian doesn't suffer insults well. He is very polite, unless something is bothering him in which case his temper rivals that of Oberon. He can get moody and irritable, and when that happens he shuts up and he shuts down, preferring the company of strong drink, jazz music and a cigarette. When something strikes him in a sentimental way he acts as un-Amberite as pretty much anyone could imagine. Nobody is sure what will touch him and bring out that softer side. Nobody has ever seen him pick a fight or accept a fight. There are rumors that he dabbles in witchcraft.

Colors, symbols, traits:

Black, black and black. Plus a little white and azure.
His symbol is a white and black sword on a reversed black and white field. A large blue stone is the pommel of the sword.

Additional Information:

Has called Eric a usurper to his face, but will still serve Amber, in the unlikely event that he is wrong, and because he loves Amber.

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