House Barimen

House Barimen, once-exiled and now returned from Solace. Some say they turned tail and fled from House Khelden. - After the War of Solace, they were welcomed back to the Courts of Chaos. They are growing powerful again, and some say they bear a long-delayed malice against the Sawalls, and House Khelden.

Lord Cogen Barimen, Demonmaster of Chaos (very much deceased)


Kind of a rebel, he pissed off pretty much everyone in Chaos, and started a not so civil war that wiped out most of his House. Despite all of this, he managed to have five children, all sons.

The Five sons of Cogen were deemed to be the Lords of the Five Lines, and the male tracing through the oldest in lineage rules each individual line. Some lines have changed this policy due to the wars against House Khelden, with heavy losses incurred due to Khelendos's policy of targeting the leaders of the Houses and sparing the common folk.

House Barimen is based in Chaos. They count among their members the Royal Houses of Amber and Phyrexia, and many others.

The Five Lines are now ruled by:

Ifranis is ruled by Maldred, son of Ynivre. Maldred is a good, but firm ruler. A veteran of the wars against Khelden, he is a military man in all the best ways and traditions.

Ancona, of Ifranis. Ancona is a well-liked businessman with an uncanny ability to make good deals, avoid scams, failing propositions and bad business partners. He is a friendly man who is well-liked by everyone. He is a candidate to be the next King of Chaos. Chaos could do much worse than the gifted Ancona.

Dalmilandril is ruled by Priam, who is ancient and was Heir for a long time. Brilliant, declining, too old to be decadent, he hopes only to live long enough to see a new King or Queen on the Throne of Amber. He holds out hope that a scion of Swayvill lives.

Dworkin is ruled by Xendra. There was nearly a war when Dworkin's line declared that a women would be head of Line. Xendra is nervous, intelligent, and a little paranoid. Who can blame her?

Ryzell is ruled by Dmitry, son of Aizen, grandson of Ryzell. Dmitry is ancient, and rules with an iron fist. However, because he is fair and dedicated to learning, something he picked up from his father and Amberite mother, his iron fist is more of a secure grip, and not a jackboot on the neck. He is accompanied by a treasure chest that eats people.

Dalaran is ruled by Ashbansa, who clearly bears signs of her demonic heritage. Dalaran is the military arm of Barimen, and was devastated during the total war that took place against Khelden. Kheldens will kill Dalarani on sight. Their memories of Dalaran setting off chemical and bioweapons, along with explosions too numerous to count, will never leave the psyche of Dalaran. Ashbansa is an adequate military commander, who specializes in small unit tactics. She is the weaponmaster of Barimen, and is intelligent enough to listen to her advisers, whose strategic expertise is higher than hers.

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