House Bleys

The redheads who avoid Amber. Or is that what they want you to think?

This House has no known leadership, although several descendants of Cynwyd generally are listened to.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Bleys being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Aria -daughter of Bleys and part siren.
Brigida - mother of Fairies. Married to the Erlking, until both of their deaths, supposedly at the hands of the Lord of Khell.
Bruidhe - son of Bleys. Rumored to have fathered many bastards.
Cynwyd - one of Amber's greatest generals (just ask him). It is rumored that he had a dozen children, and his ghost haunts Castle Amber. Protects. Whatever.
Elden - most like Bleys, he fathered many bastards in Shadow.
Elspeth - the pure. Believed to have had several children.
Glissando - bard and part muse, allegedly. Fathered several children.
Kai - Half Rebman. It is not believed she had any children.
Kiril Barimen - beloved of Rhain, son of Julian. Believed to have fathered a child or two.
Kyrie - legendary doctor of Amber. The Medical School in Amber is named after her.

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