House Brand

Led by members of the Red Council, they have a loose leadership structure, where all opinions are heard.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Brand being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Argenta - General of the Armies of Amber and of the Celestial Courts

Bertrand - Known as "The Dark Monk". A creature of surpassing evil. Believed to have been killed for betraying House Brand.

Dana - The Destroyer. Believed to have been put out of her misery for being too dangerous to everyone and everything around her.

Dante - In legend, rumored to have been a werewolf. Also rumored that his blood runs in the House of Jolene.

Erwinna - One of the Four who died and went beyond all knowledge. Twin to Evermay. Allegedly died childless.

Evermay - One of The Four. Many in the House can trace their bloodlines to her.

Mal - Former King of Amber.

Shani - Queen of Amber.

Sherlocke - Also known as Locke, believed to have fathered much of the line.

Members of the Fourth Generation, Children of Locke
Adan, son Evermay

Alder, son Evermay

Lacy, daughter of Evermay

Lauryl, daughter of Evermay

Blasa, daughter of Valora

Everett, son of Valora

Randall, son of Valora

Valerie, daughter of Valora

Yavanna, daughter of Valora

Brant, son of Shani

Loki, son of Shani

Walder, son of Shani, twin of Wynne

Wynne, daughter of Shani, twin of Walder

Claire, daughter of Milli

Cyndie, daughter of Rebecca

Darius, son of Rebecca

Erwin, son of Rebecca

May, daughter of Rebecca

Sherlock II, son of Rebecca

Legend has it that Evermay and Milli conceived a child, and she is officially listed under Fiona's House.

Children of Argenta

Sylvan, son of Avalon

Zunjing, son of Yun

Children of Dante

Antonia, daughter of Lupita

Pietro, son of Lupita

Children of King Mal

Mal II, known as the Mad King. His insanity caused the Civil War of House Brand. This directly caused the deaths of Rebecca, Adan, Alder and others.


King Sherlocke III, son of Sherlocke II. Sherlocke III was the last King of Amber. After his death a Council served as Lords and Ladies of Amber, and that has worked for five centuries.

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