House Calyx

Associated and allied with House Hendrake, Rim Lords and Ladies of Chaos

House Calyx, view from an airship.


Katherine, Lady Calyx

Under an agreement to never get romantic with any member of her House. Any outsider is fair game, though. Known for the greatest libido in Chaos. Called Katherine the Great, and yes, it probably involved a horse.

Lady Calyx


Irina Calyx, her daughter by Larsus Hendrake


Nikita Calyx, last surviving member of the Royal Family of Calyx, she is Prime Minister of Calyx and keeps everything running while Katherine and Irina are up to their tricks.


Kholetta Hendrake - Criminal overlord in Calyx, daughter of an unknown Hendrake and Khelendos. Conceived during an orgy at Hendrake, she was raised in the House until her wild ways got her expelled from the House. A natural criminal mastermind, she runs the underworld in House Calyx, allegedy. She is rumored to have killed Lord Calyx, but the charge was officially squelched as being untrue.

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