House Corilaine

Formed of descendants of Sand, Delwin, Deirdre, Benedict and Larinne. (Known as the Founders)

They all pay homage to the Queen of Corilaine. The Queen is elected and is always descended from one of the five founders.

Known members of the Third Generation, by Founder (of the Second), and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Descended from Founder Benedict

Callum - Great general of Amber. Fathered children on Jolene

Gwendaline - mother of several children

Jada - General of Amber, and mother of many of House Benedict. Her father was rumored to be Benedict, unless the rumors that she was actually Jaelynn and Random's daughter are to be believed.

Jaelynn - General of Amber. Records are sketchy as to her being mother of Jada or her sister.

Oscar - son of Benedict. Bore many children with Tru Helgram.

Satele Shan - Queen of the Knockany Court and believed to still be alive, although incredibly ancient.

Descended from Founder Deirdre

Adrianna - believed to have preferred women, but still found time to have several children. Her line continues.

Alexander - believed to have died childless, but may have fathered a bastard in Shadow.

Corrie - had a son with Gerard's son, Matthias, allegedly.

Delanne - Had several children after finally renouncing the blade. She was believed to be the finest blade of the third generation.

Ian - married one of Delwin's daughters and was believed to have fathered several children with her, and at least one with Katrina, a daughter of Oberon's daughter Moirynn, from Jannai

Livonya - pirate and former lover of Prince Cynwyd. Believed to have died childless.

Torin - believed to have fathered several children in Shadow.

Wesley - lifelong companion of Fox Helgram, believed to have fathered several children

Descended from Founder Delwin

Cressida - known to have had at least three children with a descendant of Brand
Derion - one of the Four, he is rumored to have fathered a child on Sand.

Descended from Founder Larinne

The triplets
Heidi - believed to have been fathered by one of Benedict's children
Briana - believed to have been fathered by one of Benedict's children
Trill - believed to have been fathered by one of Benedict's children

Trill is not believed to have continued the line, but Heidi and Briana did.

Descended from Founder Sand

Clay - beloved of Corilaine, died childless, unless that rumor about him and an unknown daughter of Delwin is true.
Darcie Arthashastra - just vanished one day
Kiandra - rumored to have become undead. And still in existence.

Members of the Fourth Generation

Erin, daughter of Cressida
Kaya, daughter of Cressida
Sean, son of Cressida

The name of the father has been lost to antiquity, but was believed to have been a redhead.

Guinevere, daughter of Gwendaline
Bennett, son of Gwendaline
Marshall, son of Gwendaline
Callan, son of Gwendaline
Gilbert, son of Gwendaline

Lara, daughter of Jada
Lora, daughter of Jada, Lara's twin
Padraig, believed to be a son of Jada and Everett, from House Brand
Stanford, son of Jada, father unknown
Vailan, son of Jada, father unknown

Phillip, son of Adrianna
Alexander, son of Adrianna, twin of Phillip
Addison, daughter of Adrianna and Sean

Chelsea, daughter of Ian and Katrina of Jannai
Hayden, daughter of Ian and Harley, Delwin's daughter
Corwyn, daughter of Ian and Harley, Hayden's twin

Jonas, son of Corrie and allegedly Matthias, son of Gerard

Derek, son of Delanne
Sloan, daughter of Delanne
Ellis, son of Delanne

Belissa, daughter of Heidi

Belissa, daughter of Briana

These two never got along, and although both had children, their lines were never friendly to each other.

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