House Finndo

A fragmented House, they owe allegiance to the Lord of Khell. Khelendos.

Khelendos is believed to have thrown himself on his own sword, moments before he would have been killed by a legion of his foes. He is also believed to rule the infernal realms, as undisputed master of all. His ability to know what turned a woman on and immense bloodlust make him legendary, and the patron demon/god of warriors throughout Shadow. If you see a warlord with a name starting with Kh, you know who he worships.

The House is ruled by a single tyrant leader who demands absolute loyalty and respect from everyone, or he will kill them.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Finndo being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Andariel - Legendary assassin, it is believed she might have had children, probably with Khelendos, or so the rumors go.

Duriel - Legendary warrior, or maybe assassin, it is believed she died without issue.

Khelendos - Fabled Lord of the Infernal Realms, slayer of Finndo, slayer of Delwin. Most of House Finndo is descended from him, one way or another. The name of Khelendos still makes people tremble in fear. His sons ruled House Hendrake and House Khalon.

Tarrasund - Legendary General, and known to have fathered several children in Shadow.

Fourth Generation

Children of Khelendos

Felicia, daughter of Merrilynn
Flittchen, daughter of Neisseria
Khalon, son of Nattie
Khelden, son of Neisseria, Lord Khelden
Khelena Hendrake, daughter of Tarala
Marinus, son of Mayre
Melusine, daughter of Nereia
Syrenka, daughter of Nereia
Wald Lahram, mother is unknown

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