House Fiona

House Fiona is also led by a loose Council within their own House. Some of them are not even on the Red Council.

Brand's House has most of the practical wizards, whereas the great inventors and researches are of House Fiona. Many are from both Houses, though.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Fiona being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Alice - Believed to have seen her own death, and anyone with precognition is believed to have the Blessing of Alice.

Astrid - whispers suggest that Astrid, who is undead, is still in existence.

Cynderyn - One of the Four. Legend held him to be a Great Researcher, and the library in Amber is named after him.

Daron Odadjian - Fabled Trump artist, along with his brother Shavo. Daron fathered many bastards in Shadow.

Evera - Fiona's daughter through Brand's son Bertrand.

Gwydion - Fiona's son through Bleys's son Cynwyd.

Milli - Fabled doctor, and mother of two or three children.

Shavo Odadjian - Greatest Trump artist of all time, surpassing even Dworkin Barimen, father of the All-Father. He is believed to have fathered two children with a daughter of Corwin.

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