House Florimel

Messengers. Diplomats. Spies. Courtesans. They do it all. For a price.

Their leadership structure is not known to outsiders. It is believed that two or three of them serve as a sort of executive council.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Florimel being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First. Note that it is considered rude for those outside the House to familiarly refer to Florimel as Flora. Blood has been spilled over this.

Brigitte - believed to have had a twin, whose name is lost to antiquity, she was known to have moved into Shadow and had a large family.

Cyrena - known to have had a few children.

Hayley - Rumored to have had a child of Caine, she was notorious as a criminal mastermind, and brought shame to House Florimel through her descendants. That line of the house is persona non grata.

Magnus - Known to have married a daughter of Random, he is also believed to have been a child of Corwin. His and Zori's descendants live in (and kind of rule) a Shadow called Musique.

Mariel - Had at least one child with Brand I.

Ramira - had several children with Orin, son of Eric.

Rebecca - Doctor in Amber, had several children with Locke, of Brand's line, whom she eventually married.

Stefani - Mother of a large number of children. Died in childbirth, bearing her allegedly twentieth child.

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