House Gerard

The real heroes of the family. If you need a dragon slain, some criminals caught or a quest quested, you go to House Gerard.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Gerard being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First.

Adaline - Mother of many children, mostly through Dalt's son Nash. She was believed to have died, several times.

Gwyneth - not believed to have had any children, she might be alive still, but would be very old. Her mother was Eric's daughter Tasha.

Johann - a lusty barbarian whom Conan would have traveled with, he fathered a dozen children, and much of the House is descended from him.

Kelly - her origins are lost to the past, but she is believed to have died a thousand years ago.

Matthias - father of most of House Jolene, which House Gerard never lets House Jolene forget. He was a hero. A good man. A paragon.

Trinean - husband of Lirazel. He was tragically killed in battle.

Members of the Fourth Generation

Children of Adaline

Breanna, daughter of Nash
Finn, son of Nash
Nasha, daughter of Avalon
Reese , son of Nash
Rock, son of Nash

and her children with one of the Unseelie Lords. They never came to Amber.

Moon, also known as Calla.
Night, also known as Lantana.
Star, also known as Jessamine.

Children of Johann

Angus, son of Britta
Brianna, daughter of Britta
Carl, son of Britta
Dane, son of Britta
Eddard, son of Britta
Freya, daughter of Britta
Gunther, son of Britta
Helga, daughter of Britta
Iris, daughter of Britta
Johann II, son of Britta
Karl, son of Britta (named in honor of Carl, who died young)

(Yes, Johann had them named in alphabetical order)

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