House Hendrake

House Hendrake, or as they are officially called in the Courts of Chaos Exiled House Hendrake is based in Corilaine now. They do have a small embassy at the Plaza At The End of The World. Or just the Plaza, as they call it.

Information for House Hendrake in Corilaine is listed here.

Information for the old House Hendrake is listed below.

House Hendrake, formed of the Old Houses of Hendrake and merged with House Minobee. The Hendrakes are known for their Hellmaidens, fierce and honorable in warfare, and the Minobees are fairly potent sorcerers. While in Brightstone Keep, a revolution occurred, which directly caused the deaths of Heidi Minobee, Bree Minobee, Trill Hendrake, Helen Hendrake and almost all of the Hellmaidens. The Heir to the Throne of Chaos was believed killed as well. See here for the current house. New Hendrake.

Larsus Hendrake = Belissa Minobee

Their children = Borel Hendrake (deceased) Irina Calyx (bastard, her mother is Lady Katherine Calyx) Heidi Minobee (Lady Hendrake) and Chinaway Hendrake (dec)

Belissa Minobee, former Head of House, mother of Heidi (deceased)

Heidi Minobee, Head of House (Deceased - Burned to death during the Slaughter of the Hellmaidens)
Brea Minobee, sister to Belissa Minobee, wife to Khelden, Lord of House Khelendos, divorced from Khelden, General of the Armies of Hendrake, and General of the Armed Forces, adopted mother of Khalon Hendrake (Deceased - Killed during the Slaughter of the Hellmaidens)
Trill Hendrake, General of the Hellmaidens (Deceased - Murdered by Khelena Hendrake, precipitating the Slaughter of the Hellmaidens)
Nattie Hendrake, former lover of Khelendos, mother of Khalon (deceased)
Khalon Hendrake, son of Khelendos (Deceased)
Tarala Hendrake, liaison to Khelendos (Deceased)
Lita Hendrake, personal bodyguard to Heidi, since the beginning of the Brightstone Keep Campaign
Weeva Hendrake, a Hellmaiden

Dario Minobee, weapon master of Hendrake

Milla Hendrake, spy extraordinaire
Duke Borel Hendrake, former weapon master of Hendrake, deceased. Believed to have fathered three children, all of whom despise the dishonorable Corwin

Also, deceased members of this House include:

Larinne Minobee, daughter of Oberon
Heidi Minobee, daughter of Larinne
Briana Minobee, daughter of Larinne

Trill Minobee, daughter of Larinne

(Note that these people are not Heidi Minobee, former lady of the house Bree Hendrake or Trill Hendrake, although they are named after them.)

Bennett Minobee, son of Trill

Deirdra Minobee, daughter of Trill

Della Minobee, daughter of Trill

Then-Survivors of the Purge of the Hellmaidens

Lita Minobee - Daughter of Heidi, now Lady Minobee in exile. Once prisoner of Khalon Hendrake. (Deceased)
Milla Hendrake - Former Mistress of Secrets (deceased)
Dorota Hendrake - Hellmaiden Commander (Deceased)
Weeva Hendrake - Hellmaiden Commander (Deceased)
Maina Hendrake - Archery master (deceased)
Satya Hendrake - sword master (deceased)
Deven Hendrake - trained people in what would commonly be called ninjutsu, although it goes way beyond that. (deceased)
Kirsi Hendrake - great warrior, very prolific(deceased)
Paget Minobee - Rumored General of the Tri-Kingdom armies died in Khalonia, but her daughter was taken away by the Exiles(deceased)
Jayna Minobee - allegedly a daughter of Bleys.(deceased)
Mithaniel Minobee - escaped with the Exiles(deceased)
Adelio Minobee - Escaped with the Exiles
Aimon Minobee - Escaped with the Exiles(deceased)
261 orphans, whose mothers were Hellmaidens, and their fathers are dead
27 orphans, whose parents were in the army, and other relatives took them away from Brightstone Keep
904 civilians

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