House Hendrake in Corilaine

House Hendrake is a critical part of the defense of Corilaine, and of the mission to free that land from Osric's curse.

House Hendrake is currently ruled by Belissa, daughter of Heidi (grand-daughter of Larinne Minobee). Known as Belissa the Greater.
Her second in command is Belissa, daughter of Briana, (grand-daughter of Larinne Minobee) known of Belissa the Lesser.
Sandrine Minobee - Lady of the Hellmaidens. Daughter of Trill (grand-daughter of Larinne Minobee)
Gossard Hendrake - General of the Armies of Hendrake. Commander of the regular army.
Larinna Minobee - Commander of the Hellmaidens. Daughter of Trill (grand-daughter of Larinne Minobee)
Liv, daughter of Lita, granddaughter of Bleys
Jenneva, daughter of Liv, Sorceress
Eva Minobee, Hellmaiden, daughter of Liv,
Phyre Hendrake, daughter of Page, Sorceress
Livonya Hendrake, Captain of Hellmaidens. Said to be part Fae. Her unit is the elite of the elite. They are called Force 10. A cross between SAS, Seal Team Six and the Argent…oh, that would be telling.
Tyranna Hendrake, second in command of Force 10. A cold, unpleasant woman.
Brindi Hendrake, assistant to Livonya in Force 10.
Balicie Hendrake, bodyguard to Livonya.
Tenaya Hendrake, bodyguard to Livonya.
Gavin Hendrake mage in Force 10.
Catalina Hendrake, bodyguard to Livonya.
Q Team, Force Ten
Urva Hendrake, Corporal attached to Force 10. Q1
Adeelia Hendrake, Trooper attached to Force 10. Q2
Angeliki Hendrake, Trooper attached to Force 10. Q3
Khendelos Hendrake, Captain in command of Shadowstrike
scions%20khendelos.jpgDenali Hendrake, Former Hellmaiden
Eva Hendrake, Hellmaiden
Markos Hendrake,
Thais Minobee, Battle mage
scions%20will.jpgLiana Hendrake - assigned to guard Khaitlyn Hendrake's room by Belissa Hendrake. Hellmaiden.
scions%20liana%20hendrake.jpgMelisenda Hendrake - assigned to guard Khaitlyn Hendrake's room by Belissa Minobee. Mage. Her tattoos might do more than just look pretty.
Amber Company - Hellmaiden force assigned to the Red Keep.
Phaedra Hendrake, Captain of Hellmaidens, commanding Amber Company. Very competent and reportedly being groomed to be a General at some point.
Portia Hendrake, Sergeant of Hellmaidens, Amber Company. Like her Captain, very qualified and polite, but rumored to be a terror in combat.

Chaos Company - C Company, 1st Hellmaidens, they are in the quarters next to Khendelos and his team. Their commander is known to have some very unpopular views. But she is loyal. To the death.

Sharvana Hendrake, Captain of Chaos Company, 1st Hellmaidens.

She is with her troops, in every sense of the word. Anyone riding up to the unit would never be able to tell her apart from her troops.
On rare occasions she cleans up pretty nicely.
Tandalis Minobee
scions%20Tandalis%20Minobee.jpgRana Hendrake - Intelligence Division.
Varana Hendrake - Intelligence, Captain, One of the trusted associates of Lady Minobee
Angelica Hendrake - Hellmaiden. Special Ops.

Maina Hendrake - Hellmaiden

Satya Hendrake - Hellmaiden
These sisters are personal guards to various important Hendrakes. These two float, moving from assignment to assignment. They seem almost telepathic with each other.

All of them reside at Castle Hendrake, in Corilaine. Castle Hendrake is mostly hallowed out of a mountain. Delwin or Harla are rumored to have started it, and the Hendrake Engineers left behind when the House moved to Sarpadia have partially finished it. Allies from Rebma and Amber helped with some problems the Castle originally had.

The main fortress, facing north, towards the wastes.
scions%20castle%20hendrake%20north%20side.jpgThe back door.

House Hendrake Embassy and Staff

Embassy Lobby - What everyone sees when they first teleport into the Embassy. Archers, snipers and magical defenses are in this place. You might even see some of them.
Grand Hall of Embassy of Hendrake - Where all major social events/diplomatic functions and sundry occur.
Chogall Hendrake - Ambassador to the Courts of Chaos. Allegedly the open person they can find who was actually capable of being diplomatic.
Kaila Hendrake - His bodyguard
Sera Hendrake - His other bodyguard
Lalim Hendrake - His personal assistant
Kes Minobee - Special Envoy, meaning she does whatever she's told. Fortunately, she is damned good at that.
Brell Hendrake - Embassy Wizard
Sofieke Minobee - Commander of the Embassy Garrison
Uri, messenger of the House of Finndo

Also, deceased members of this House include:

Larinne Minobee, daughter of Oberon
Heidi Minobee, daughter of Larinne

Briana Minobee, daughter of Larinne

Trill Minobee, daughter of Larinne

(Note that these people are not Heidi Minobee, former lady of the house Bree Hendrake or Trill Hendrake, although they are named after them.)

Bennett Minobee, son of Trill

Deirdra Minobee, daughter of Trill

Della Minobee, daughter of Trill

Then-Survivors of the Purge of the Hellmaidens

Lita Minobee - Daughter of Heidi, now Lady Minobee in exile. Once prisoner of Khalon Hendrake. (Deceased)
Milla Hendrake - Former Mistress of Secrets
Dorota Hendrake - Hellmaiden Commander (Deceased)
Weeva Hendrake - Hellmaiden Commander (Deceased)
Maina Hendrake - Archery master (deceased)
Satya Hendrake - sword master (deceased)
Deven Hendrake - trained people in what would commonly be called ninjutsu, although it goes way beyond that. (deceased)
Kirsi Hendrake - great warrior, very prolific(deceased)
Paget Minobee - Rumored General of the Tri-Kingdom armies died in Khalonia, but her daughter was taken away by the Exiles(deceased)
Jayna Minobee - allegedly a daughter of Bleys.(deceased)
Mithaniel Minobee - escaped with the Exiles(deceased)
Adelio Minobee - Escaped with the Exiles
Aimon Minobee - Escaped with the Exiles(deceased)
261 orphans, whose mothers were Hellmaidens, and their fathers are dead
27 orphans, whose parents were in the army, and other relatives took them away from Brightstone Keep
904 civilians

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