House Jolene

Ruled by a leader from Jolene's line who is elected for life.

Known members of the Fourth Generation, with Jolene being of the Third Generation, and Julian being of the Second, and Oberon, the All-Father, being of the First. After Jolene's children are listed Julian's are listed as well, although any of his descendants not descended from her claim House Jolene, for obvious reasons.

These are all children of Jolene and Gerard's son Matthias:


These are children of Jolene and Benedict's son Callum:
Juliette and her twin Julius

Descendants of Julian who are not descendants of Jolene (her brothers and sisters)

Kimberlyn - believed to have died without issue.

Lirazel - died childless and heartbroken, but did teach others to be druids of Arden. Her name is revered to this day.

Luthien - rumored to have gone to wherever Julian fled to a thousand years ago. Surely she is dead now.

Miranda - Ruled Arden after Jolene's death, until ceding rulership to Garrity, first of the line of Jolene.

Rhain - died without issue. Believed to have been lovers with a son of Bleys.

Sethria - half dragon, she apparently did not have any children except one, a dragon named Sethria, rather unimaginatively.

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