House of Llewella

Rebma has been ruled by a descendant of Llewella since…well, they've forgotten who the first queen of the House was, but they still rule, thanks to their abilities and those damned freaky mirrors.

Known members of the Third Generation, with Llewella being of the Second, and Moins the Great Queen, being of the First.

Dorian - believed to have fathered one or more of Deirdre's children. He was a master of the Mirrorcraft.

Hayley - Queen of Rebma, possibly, she did not have any children.

Lorelei - Queen of Rebma, after Ula abdicated. She had many children and is the ancestor of most of the House. Her father was a siren.

Ula - Queen of Rebma after the death of Hayley, she is believed to have had a few children. She was very strong with the Pattern and her blade.

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