House Sawall

House Sawall

House Sawall - Mostly destroyed after the death of Zhuren, the survivors were canny enough to survive and flourish. People respect old money, whether it is deserved or not. People fear old power, which is probably a good idea. There is power in names, and the name of Sawall usually provokes a fairly strong response.

Nadina Sawall - Special Forces Doctor. Part doctor. Part assassin. All awesome.

Prominent past and deceased members of House Sawall

Dara Sawall


Mandor Sawall


Despil Sawall


Jurt Sawall


Merlin Sawall

Poe Sawall, King of Chaos

Miriam Kavinian, Queen of Chaos Miriam.jpg

Zhuren Sawall - Son of Mandor from a secret marriage to House Mauvais, new Lord of Sawall. Rules with an iron fist. Twisted. Evil. Diabolist. Would have made the old man proud. Was found to have been slain and had his body taken over by the Serpent of Chaos.


Jishi Sawall - Zhuren's twin sister, wife of Zhuren and Lady Sawall. About as nice as her brother/husband.


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