House Sekasorto

House Sekasorto

An eclectic mix of dreamers, poets, partiers, whores and musicians, they nonetheless are adept at defending themselves and making use of their contacts to be one of the Great Houses of Chaos.

Princess Florimel has at least one known child with a member of the House.

Stefani Sekasorto - Party planner, well-connected fixer and owner of a phone that seems to work everywhere, even in Amber.

Stefani's entourage:
Kruiper - performs all of Stefani's menial tasks. Despite his effeminate appearance, he is rumored to be quite the womanizer.

Zhuli - Stefani's personal assistant. She holds the phone and the Franklin and notes everything. She is oriental with long hair and brown eyes. She almost never speaks and very rarely smiles. She seems to know Stefani's mind and is rumored to be one of her lovers.

Zastita - security. Brown hair, cold gray eyes, strong and tough. Appears to be chemically enhanced. Rumored to be one of Stefani's lovers, but who isn't?

Jamiila Lateralus - Stefani's beautician with many other talents. She has black eyes and hair, is very elegant and always makes Stefani look nice. Definitely one of Stefani's lovers.

Belulo - another of Stefani's bodyguards. Looks good, very much a man's man. Not rumored to be one of Stefani's lovers, refreshingly.

Wapishi Sekasorto - she's just the cook. Black skinned, with bleached blonde hair and violet contact lenses. Also a Chaosian.

Other members of the House.

Ino Sekasorto - Known as quite the party girl. Loves to pose nude and play guitar. Usually at the same time.

Fauve Sekasorto - Professional courtesan. Her demonic and human forms are merely a matter of shade and hair.

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