House Sekosorto

House Sekosorto - The last survivor of House Sekosorto was Stefani Sekosorto, daughter of Florimel of Amber. She vowed to single, er, handedly restore the House. She bore twenty one children, and died birthing the last of them. Every member of the House is either descended from Stefani or married to someone who is.


Guests are all scanned in, and end up with illusionary names and reason for being there floating over their head. Example: Khendelos Hendrake (Guest of Kert). The Guest of Kert is the second line, and the House members are in green, and others are in blue. If one appears and its in red, it probably won't live long.

Asha Sekosorto, lady of the House. Just call her Asha.
Kert Sekosorto, son of Stefani, brother to Asha. Father of the Anchianos, Caterina Anchiano and her brother Piero.


Rain Sekosorto
Neve Sekosorto - Intelligence

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