House Talon

The Greatest of the Great Houses of Chaos, they survived wars with Chaos, The Barimens, Khelendos, Finndo, and eventually ended up being 'conquered' by the union of a Lady of Talon and Osric, the Defiler. He has numerous offspring in the House these days.

The Talons still hate Chaos and sometimes they attack former enemies on the Rim. Those enemies are usually annihilated.

Recently, a massive schism has rocked House Talon. Going under the official name The Future of Talon, roughly half the House has decided that it is in their best interests to return to Chaos and embrace technology, leaving the old ways of magic and swordplay in the past. To prove their worth to Chaos, they launched a pre-emptive attack on the Loyalists (as they call themselves) and slaughtered Sorani, the possibly future Queen of Chaos and her guards, from Houses Talon, Hendrake and Helgram.

The ancient House of Talon is a huge pyramid, that is now engulfed in warfare. There are now eight different factions:
scions%20house%20talon.jpgAmong the dead, Kinsi Talon, Lord of House Talon for many centuries. Murdered by his son Afiado and his daughter, Terava, and survived by his other son, Filoso, who now rules the Loyalist faction.

The Future of Talon - believe that Talon has seen better days, and to grow and survive they must reconcile with Chaos and back a new ruler. Sorani, therefore, had to die. They bear no ill-will towards Hendrake or Corilaine, but have likely made enemies of both.

Afiado Talon, Lord of The Future of Talon. He speaks with a gruff voice, and looks younger than he is, but never, ever turn your back on him. He killed his father.
scions%20talon7.jpgTerava Talon, Heir Apparent to the Future of Talon
Caloso Talon
The assassin who killed Sorani Swayvill
Inge Talon, (deceased)
The Black Hand - Diabolists, this faction is led by demon summoners and are among the most evil of the Talons.
Freedom - This faction is half Talons and half the demons they freed from their servitude. They have rebelled against the old guard but despise the new one. They recognize the power in the House and have no intention of leaving.
Sinara Talon - Left Hand of Freedom. Half-Talon, Half-Demon, she is one of the Body of Freedom.

The Golden Bough - Led by scions of Prince Osric, they are hated by the demons more than anyone, since Osric used demons at will in his war against Corilaine. They think the other factions are insane and the only path to sanity is through their rule.

Nisse Talon (Niece uh) This granddaughter of Osric hated her mother, who was incredibly competent, and hopelessly stricken with cowardice. Nisse broke from the House as soon as the civil war broke out, and she has ducked nobody.

The Stone - Called such because it is something that fell far from the tree, they are a small group and have left Talon, but they hate the Black Hand as well.

scions%20anti%20talon.jpgZebulon (Zeb) Talon.
Zephyr Talon. She's just a cook.
The Fraternity - A small group. They all rule equally, which makes them incredibly ineffective and progressively less valuable as nobody has any motivation to excel. They hold the high spaces of Talon.

Syvallia - A group named after one of the original Talons Svyall Talon, who accidentally bound demons who could actually be bound. This group wants to unleash unbindable demons on everyone. They are mostly insane.

Nodens, Master of Syvallia. Polite. Respectful. Completely insane. Thoughtful. Nihilistic.

House Talon - The Loyalists. Loyal to Lord Talon, recently slain, and now following his son, they were sworn enemies of Chaos and sworn allies of Hendrake and Helgram. They will die before they give up their House to the seven Houses of Traitors.

Filoso Talon, Lord of House Talon. Now a sworn enemy of his twin, Afiado, who slaughtered their father.
Kjosa Talon, Bodyguard of Filoso. The nod of Filoso's head can put this deadly warrior into action.
Aino Talon
Olivia Talon, attached to Shadowstrike in a learning capacity.
Johannes Talon, attached to Shadowstrike in a learning capacity. Yes. He's a mage.
Falke Talon - well-connected political expert.
Clive Talon - Captain of Talons, bodyguard to Falke
The Lady in Silver and Red - Valonia
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