House Vector

One of the Great Houses of Chaos. Vector is a House in turmoil. Some of the Vectors are human and some are demons. All members of the actual House have some blood from each side, but some have almost no demonic blood and some have almost no human blood. A civil war is brewing, and the death of Iago Vector has left his son in a precarious position as he leads House Vector now.

Salaar Vector is the current head of Vector. He looks young but is a strategic and tactical genius.
His young wife is Thalia of House Vekerchiki, now known as Thalia Vector.
Ignis Vector, leader of the Demonclan. Ignis is as vicious as he looks. He is loyal to Lord Vector until Lord Vector makes a mistake at which time Ignis might step up to be a new Lord Vector.
Anizo Vector, Combat Master of Vector. Do NOT wrestle with this guy. Allegedly beat Kelly of Amber in a fight.
Unknown, of House Vector. Minister of the Secret Police. By law, her name cannot be revealed.
Warui Vector, General of the Armies, brother of Iago Vector.
Patin Vector, Chief Scientist of Vector. Likes to experiment.
Ysterri, Mistress of Secrets for House Vector, Demonlady.
Karrigan Vector, Member of the Secrets Organization.
Cerulean Vector, Hunter of the Foresworn. Sort of Like a bounty hunter.
Osoroshi Vector, Demonmaster of Vector
Wilden Vector, younger brother of the current Lord of Vector. Loyal to his brother, if not entirely useful.
Xanthe Vector - Spy of House Vector.

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