• Go through the standard trump deck and use a few words to describe how your character feels about each Amberite. Feel free to add an anecdote or two.

My lungs ached from the fire and I could smell burned hair. Some was mine, some was hers. She lay silent next to me, her eyes pleading for something I didn't want to give her. We were both way too strung out. I took out my Trumps to call someone, but was too agitated to get them working. My eyes stung from smoke and tears, but I managed to calm myself and soothe her with my voice. So I decided to show them to her.

"This is Flora. She's very pretty, wouldn't you say? I like the way she smells, the way she tilts her head when she looks at you. She's something special, alright. I…I better move on."

"This is Llewella. She lives in Rebma, the underwater city. I'm sorry I never brought you there. I've only been a few times, and Llewella never comes to Amber. I wonder about her."

"This is Aunt Fiona. She's sneaky, and I don't think I trust her. She knows magic. A lot of it."

"You know Mom, right? Everyone loves Mom. She actually cares about things nobody else in the family would care about, things people take for granted."

"This guy is Benedict. Scary, huh? Supposed to be a real badass with a sword, a toothpick. A tooth. Anything. I know. It hurts me when I laugh, too. I don't know him well."

"Ahh. Uncle Random. He's a real prick. He says hurtful things and does the most heinous practical jokes. And he doesn't give a shit about anyone. Still, I like him. Just because."

"Brand. Spoke to me once for an hour about witchcraft. Hasn't spoken to me since. I think a lot of people are afraid of him. I know I am."

"Bleys. Mr. Inferiority complex. He's always showing off. For the family, for the ladies…I don't think a serious thought ever entered his mind. I'm not crazy about him."

"Corwin. I don't know what to think about him. I know he's noble, and majestic and he writes these awesome songs."

"Eric. He's a prick. I hate him. He's a two-faced bastard. Ha ha. Literally. He doesn't care about anything except Eric. He would treat you differently because you aren't of the Royal family. Even with both of us having broken legs, I guess."

"These are supposed to be cold. I wonder why they aren't. I'm so sorry about this. So sorry. This big guy is Gerard. He's a good guy, in every sense of the word. Not a backstabber like Eric."

"Julian. He's cold, quiet, but he could help you if he were here. He's very skilled at riding and animal lore. He would probably…" put her down "…be able to h-help you if he we…I already said that, didn't I?"
I wiped my eyes and realized by seeing the pounding of her chest and the frenzied rolling of her eyes just how much pain she was in.

"Caine." I said as I put the cards away. "Caine taught me a few things about the coup de grace." I sobbed as I put my arms around head and lovingly stroked her mane. I kissed her forehead, the way Mom did to me at night as the dagger slipped out of sleeve and into the back of her head. She shuddered once, and died, out of her misery. I was still sobbing over her cold body when my mother traced my trail through Shadow and found me.

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