Shadow Kergula - Three major kingdoms, with ports called Haibin, Minatocho, and Hang-gu Dosi. The three city-states are at war with each other. Lots of money to be made, lots of death. There is a free port called Kota Pelabuhan, formed by people from several smaller city-states. This one facilitates the supply of all three and does well in that regard. One day they'll piss someone off.

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Kota Pelabuhan is the largest port in Kergula, and they are growing worried that Hang-gu Dosi is recruiting people from across the Bentangan (as they call the Expanse.)
Haibin is a major port, and has been burned down twice by its enemies. They have a huge fleet now, and are constantly looking to destroy their enemies in Minatocho and Hang-gu Dosi. They are starting to get a little annoyed by Kota Pelabuhan, but are not in a position to do anything at the moment.
Minatocho is smaller than Haibin, but they are led by a number of strategic and tactical geniuses. Some rumors say that they are backed by none other than the Celestial Courts.
Hang-gu Dosi is a fabulously wealthy city, thanks to great natural reserves, especially pearls and purple obsidian. They are believed to have hired mercenaries and pirates from many other places, and there is a possibility that Haibin and Minatocho could put their differences aside long enough to devastate Hang-gu Dosi.
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