Khalonia - Pocket Shadow utilized by Bleys Barimen to safeguard the Hellmaidens, and the True King of Chaos. His plans fell apart when Khalon, son of Khelendos and Khelena, daughter of Khelendos led a revolt against Heidi Minobee, which resulted in her death, the death of Bree Hendrake and of Trill Hendrake. Most of the Hellmaidens were annihilated and the remainder were eventually rescued by Bleys, including two of his daughters, Larinne Minobee and the future King of Chaos. Khelena and her son Khal returned and took over Khalonia after Khalon died saving everyone from the Spirit of Sarpadia. The battle was witnessed by Khelena and Khal alone, and Khal's children rule Khalonia to this day.

Khalonia is the entire Shadow. It is a place where magic works, and the Shadow's technology is one of steampunk.

The Lord of Brightstone rules with the blade Hellseeker, forged by Khalon aeons ago despite a total lack of magic in the Shadow. It is the heirloom of House Khalon, as it was renamed.

Lines of Genealogy (Khalon and Khelena)

Khalon, son of Khelendos, Lord of Khalonia and Brightstone, Founder of the Line
Khelena, daughter of Khelendos, Queen of Khalonia and Brightstone, Mother of the Line
Khellen, eldest son of Khalon and Khelena, died young in an accident
Khelley, eldest daughter of Khalon and Khelena, Queen of Khalonia and Brightstone
Khal, son of Khalon and Khelena, Lord of Khalona and Brigtstone, ruled with Khelley as his Queen

Khaled, Khalifa, Khalfan, sons of Khal and Khelley.
Khalifa and Khalfan were killed during the great Civil War. Khaled escaped, and later killed Khalon IV, but died while doing so. His Queen was Leanna of Hinanjo, a well-known warrior and lady of wisdom.

His children were Kharine, Khelly and Kharl the Mighty.

Kharl currently rules Khalonia as King. He is a cruel man and was believed to have had his sisters put to death.

(Khalon and Enyo)
No known children, although rumors persist that she gave birth to one. Rumors also persist that Khalon was disillusioned with Khelena and ruling and went to the South of Sarpadia with Enyo, where they raised children.

Subsequently, it was discovered that the two bore two children. Khendelos and Khaitlyn. Khendelos was known to exist but not Khaitlyn. Now they know otherwise. Whereabouts unknown.

(Khalon and Kelline)
Kheiandra, the Swift, General of the Armies of Brightstone she was also known to be consort of King Khal, and their children were:

Khalvin the Wise, Khalon II and Enya.

Khalvin the Wise died without children.

Khalon the II was father of Khalon III, who was the father of Khalon the IV.

Line of Rulers of Brightstone and later Khalonia
Khalon I
Khalon II
Khalon III
Khalon IV
Kharl the Mighty (current ruler)

Khalon and Vedova Nera
Vachera and Valen, illegitimate children of Khalon.

Vachera ruled as Queen of Sarpadia, but a puppet to Brightstone for a hundred years, before her death of old age.
Valen, long past, had one son Vachen, who sustained a head injury and never ruled, but bore three sons and two daughters.
Their line continued as follows: Valennia (Queen of Sarpadia),
Khavon, King
Valkhan, History unsure if this was a man or a woman
Veira II
Khavon II
Vallin, then Valline, his sister, the line continued with her
to her daughter Vera, current ruler of Sarpadia, vassal state to Brightstone.

Queen Vera of Sarpadia - Cruel to her foes, petty at times, she has the best interest of her people at heart, provided they are good vassals. Otherwise she will just crush them.

Khalon and Mio Minobee
Mio Minobee was convicted of treason upon the return of Khelena. Mio escaped with her young children, Khalon the Usurper and Mina the Just.
Khalon tried to kill Khelena after the death of Mio and was put to death for an assassination attempt.
Mina wandered the earth and bore a dozen children. She was exceptionally long lived and her descendants number in the hundreds.
She was Lady of the Diamond Isles, a collection of Isles in the middle of the Sea of Sorrows. They are not ruled by Khalonia.

Miley, Granddaughter of Mina, Lady of the Diamond Isles.
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