Once a House of Chaos, they left tens of thousands of years ago and intermingled with Unseelie Powers. Now, they are a group of assassins, who generally kill the bad. Some have killed anyone they were asked to, and some even targeted Amberites…briefly. After a period where they grew bored and hunted each other, they are again cooperative, and trying to rebuild their dying House. They are believed to number seven. Each has a real name, but all go by their nom du guerre.

The Wraith - Dirge Lateralus, son of Anton Lateralus and Khelynda Cottingly. Assassin of Lantana of the Fourth Coven.
The Virgin - Khelissa Lateralus, daughter of Anton Lateralus and Khelynda Cottingly. Goes by Lissa, or K.
Anton Lateralus - (deceased) father of Dirge and Khelissa.
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