Lourdes - Birthplace of Zolie

The Fox and Hound A pub Zolie's mother had worked in.

Aoife’s cottage, the witch woman who Random left Zolie with after Zolie ran away from home.

Surlalune, a crumbling ruin of a tower that Zolie considers her own residence.

Cheval d'Or - The Golden Horse. A tavern frequented by thieves, under 'protection' of the Guild.

The Monastery of Our Lady of Hidden Mysteries - abandoned after a virulent plague had broken out in the region. The monks had had all of the victims brought to the monastery for treatment. Predictably, everyone in the monastery had died, but they had saved the rest of the region. Rumors of ghosts and demons, as well as a nasty suspicion that the plague lived on in the rats in the monastery kept everyone away.

Tildin - The Thieves' City

Facheux - Hired by Llane, he was murdered by someone after he recovered something from the Monastery.
Lagrange - Hired by…and also murdered.

Arsene and Flambeaux - Enforcers for the Guild. Knocked unconscious by Llane.

Vereesa Sanguinar

Valeera Windrunner

Tyrande Whisperwind

Daval Prestor
Katrana Prestor

Monsieur Foucault
Young Lord Maurice Duchamps - Maurice's father is wealthy.
Mme. Claire Nuit - Tall and big-boned, she is well-respected and somewhat feared.

Mountaintop Monastery, located in Holdfast Pointe

Bishop Etienne
The Monsignor, a Wardmaster
The Armed Monk - Ambrose

The Silent Monk
Brother Arnaud

The Crooked Billet - Good food, poor clientele

Llane, hired by Stone to retrieve a single box.
Llane.jpgDuvera - now known to actually be Sorani, from the Courts of Chaos.
Duvera.jpgTara of the Forlorn Rowe - another 'employee' of Stone
Tara%20of%20the%20Forlorn%20Rowe.jpgStone - The man who wants the boxes.

Doombringer - A grim man, dressed in black, with blue, glowing eyes.

Soulbinder - A woman, who dresses in black leather armor, with a talent for raising the dead.

Windrider - An old man, fairly scrawny, with scant hair, able to fly without any apparent means of support.

The Fool -

The Quiet Man -

Chooser -

Blight -

The Fire Witch -

The Thinker -

Nemesis -

The Wraith -

Wrath - Not big on stealth, couth or anything similar.

The Scarlet Priests - Long thought-dead order who were dedicated to bringing the Infernal Powers back to rule the earth. Of course they would rule at the side of their masters. Certainly they would never be destroyed by such supremely evil beings, who no doubt would allow their minions to do pretty much whatever they want.

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