Sorcery, Magic, Magick, Witchcraft…whatever you want to call it.

I want this to be easy enough to use that it will be workable, I want it to be vague enough, where you can tell me what you want it to do. As listed, most of the magic paradigms below cost 15 or 20 pts.

1. Personal magic (hedge magic). Works where magic does.
2. Sorcery, per the book, with lynchpins, very powerful.
3. Faerie Magic - Rainbow Pool (Illusions)
4. Ritual magic, including Witchcraft, Voodoo…takes a lot of time and usually requires something from the target, blood or some other investiture.
5. Personal mentalist powers. Works almost everywhere. Uses your END.
6. True non-magical psionics. Works wherever psionics works. Uses END, can include TK, Telepathy, Precog, etc.
7. Mental Powers…the Clouding of Men's Mind, Rainbow Pool projected into minds, basic Psyche Block. Uses END.
8. Magickal mind control, telepathy, mental surgery for the mentally afflicted, precognition. More magical.
9. Channeling. Opens channels to magic sources. Not as reliable as Personal magic or mentalist, but can be more dangerous.
10. Channeling, per the book.
11. Other planar. You draw energy from other planar sources. Takes more time, but can harness extensive amounts of energy. (Think of a spikard.)
12. Magickal Channeling. You contact a deity, usually requires physical investiture or sacrifice. Very dangerous. (Think of Cthulhu)

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Pattern magic no longer exists as a power. It is now automatic. With the "correction" of the Pattern by the Council, Astrid, Bert and the Ghost of Fiona, all Amberites with 50 point Pattern (or better) will now be able to simply hang their spells either on an object (as before) or on the Pattern. Also, the Pattern will take the place of the 'Magic of Shadow' lynchpin, meaning that mages are no longer required to change lynchpins, or more importantly, no longer required to pay the extra points for this ability. Any character who had that had the points refunded.

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