New Hendrake

With the downfall of the Hellmaidens, and the apparent death of Heidi Minobee, House Hendrake is now ruled by Khalon Hendrake, son of Nattie Hendrake and Khelendos of Amber.

Consort - Khelena Hendrake. Khelena also doubles as a bodyguard.


Hellstormers Shock troops and main army
Hellmakers Civil Engineers
Hellbreakers Combat Engineers

Relevant and/or important people

Dr Sate Hendrake, widower of Ruana Hendrake. Not a nice guy.
Dr Sebsin Hendrake, Chief doctor
Manjit Hendrake - Trump Master, found dead with his throat cut. Apparently faked his death to escape the fall of Heidi Minobee and the Hellmaidens.
Kami Hendrake - Taken prisoner
Rohan Hendrake - Taken prisoner
Cairline Minobee - Librarian
Emeril Hendrake - Chef
Chase Minobee -Finances

The Army

General Saronna Minobee, twin sister of Saronno
Captain Saronno Minobee, Chief of Staff
Captain Kalli Hendrake, Hellstormers
Captain Suvan Hendrake, Training
Captain Kari Hendrake, recently promoted civilian, in charge of Supply and Logistics
Captain Shyla Hendrake, Engineers
Captain Yoren Helgram, Special Forces Commander
Captain Denon Hendrake, Former Special Forces Commander (deceased)
Dr Brale Minobee, Chief Medical Officer of the Army, honorary rank of Captain

Balor Hendrake, son of Borel
Enyo Hendrake, bastard daughter of Borel (allegedly). Great warrior and commando, raging temper about her bastardy. Killed several Hellmaidens and a good friend of Khelena Hendrake for speaking of her bastardy. She is tall and thin, and deathly pale.

Kelline Hendrake - lover of Enyo Hendrake. Silent, tall, grim. A capable fighter, she serves in the prison area. Dark hair and eyes.
Mayerik Hendrake
Kadin Hendrake - Household guard
Clernan Minobee -Demonclan
Tarannum Hendrake. Disgraced Hellmaiden

Other members of the military.
Captain Suvan Hendrake - Did not qualify for being a Hellmaiden. Threatened to kill herself if Khalon allowed the massacre of the exiled civilians.
Captain Ruana Hendrake - Kicked out of the Hellmaidens, hated them (Deceased) Killed during the massacre of the Hellmaidens.
Navin Hendrake killer of Rune
Kirala Hendrake killer of Rune


Several hundred missing, including many children/husbands of Hellmaidens
13000 troops, including new recruits
332 orphaned children of the Army
17019 civilians

Various Minobees

Barid Minobee -
Alvaro Minobee -
Galeno Minobee - Intelligence Officer, Master of Secrets
Mar Minobee - Brother of Mio, sent in disguise as a spy with the civilians. second in command of Intelligence.
Mio Minobee - Mistress of Secrets, on a mission to find Larinne Minobee.
Senon Minobee - Sister of Zenon, believed to be a supporter of Heidi
Tadeo Minobee - Herdmaster
Turi Minobee - Social Scientist, Chief of Intelligence, Mistress of Secrets in the absence of Mio Minobee.
Zenon Minobee - Weaponsmith

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