Night City

Cyberpunk world, being made even more miserable by the Breve and their corporate flunkies. One of the Pillars of Shadow, effects here can reverberate through a large portion of Shadow. ((Note that this was from my old Cyberpunk Campaign))

Night City - Named due to the constant cloud cover brought on by being surrounded by mountains on three sides. The air quality is poor, on a good day. It rains a lot, and the rain is acidic enough to kill your plants.

Sports are played at McCartney Stadium. The NFL team is the Night City Rangers, the WBL team is the Night City Slammers (World Baseball League) and the Rollerball Team is the Night City Cyberpsychos.

Addison Sansjoi - Mayor of Night City. Figurehead.

Kenji Arasaka - Real Lord of the City. CEO of Arasaka Global Industries.

Dirk Gardner - CEO of High Tech Industries.

Go Gangs - Violent, bizarre gangs who frequently take themes from old television shows. Known gangs: The Archies. Happy Days. The Griffins. The Simpsons. Note that the Griffins and the Simpsons hate each other and will kill each other on sight.

Famous Bands


Imagine the Beatles time ten, with Rage Against the Machine's political leanings and a heavy sound that has its roots in The Sex Pistols, Rush and Guns N Roses and you have an idea what Zen is.

Current lineup.
Stacii Chulainn - Lead Guitar
Chris Sabot - Bass. Tall. Thin. Pale. Legends of his drug use are legendary and possibly true. He is quiet and seems to love nothing other than music. Black hair, pale blue eyes.
Kerry "Kit" Kynda - Drums Short, voluptuous, if Stacii is the brains and Marc the heart of Zen, she is the energy. Never stops moving. Always drinking beer. Blonde, blue eyes.
Marc Tate - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Rhea Roland - Keyboards Talks about anything but music. A very good keyboard player, but overshadowed by her peers. Brunette, brown eyes.

Their first four albums
1. Repression, Opression, Secession
The Rise of Evil
The Dispossessed
The Gang of Four
Corporate Law
The Good Old Days

2. The Final Frontier
The War

3. Nomad
The Homeless
Nomad Days
Who's in Charge?
Goin' Mobile (cover)
On the Road Again (cover)

4. Corpzone
Mr. Corporate
The Home Trust
Orbital Gods
Janey Sweet
Hit Team
Home Sweet Home (cover)

Lee Claypool - Bassist Extraordinaire
Cryodeath - Mortality Rate
Cryodeath - Dead on Arrival
Cryodeath - Cryovengeance
Lee Claypool - The Jazz Album
Lochnar - Pre Chromatic Metal, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
CCS (Claypool, Chulainn, Silverhand) Bassic Rock
CCS - Strings of Angels
Still Running

With Stacii Chulainn Panoramic View

Anarchy - Band Killed in Explosion
Final Lineup
Way Schreddin - Lead Guitar
Maas-lin Vandertag - Vocals
Moira Kelly - Rhythm
Skate Wiggins - Keyboards
Steffi - Bass
Scotti Lee - Percussion

1st Disc - Anarchy
My Broken Heart
Bits and Pieces
One Hot Night

2nd Disc - But Why?
Traumatic Impact
Down (in the gutter)
My face
Input and Feedback
Final Seconds
Ozone Lair
Up your Well
Punch Out

3rd Disc - The Blood Album
Fuck You Kenji
Too Many Chips
What Happened
Get Bent

4th (and last) Disc - You Missed You Corp Fuck!!!
Arasaka, Arasaka (fuck Arasaka!)
You missed…
Failure is a bitch
Kill Kenji
Turned On
I Told You
If at First
Suck Me
Livin' on the Run

Punchout - Band killed a long time ago, their most popular song, Rise Up in the Streets

Their logic is infallible
Their choices unpalatable
Their reasoning is cold as hell
They're killing you or can't you tell

Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets

Burn down (burn down) Fuckin' Arasaka
Just like Pearl Harbor climb Mount Niitaka
Didn't we just drop a couple bombs on them 80 years ago? (It's not enough)

They say Arasaka is incrutable
The proof is irrefutable
They say our land's pollutable
They think we are so mutable

Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets
Rise up in the streets

Do you like goin' hungry and being homeless
Fuck with the corps, use cyberpsychosis
Don't be a suit
Don't be a poser

Rise up in the streets!!!

Other famous bands and popular music

Cryodeath - Cryovengeance
Stacii Chulainn - Strings of Angels
Flatline - Flatline
Almighty - SOMFAW
Zen - Love Songs
Black Chaos - Black Chaos
Apocalypse - Time to Repent

No Offense

Current Lineup
Naz Worthen (Rhythm)
Angela Plummer (Keyboards)
Al Cohol (Drums)
Chris Wilton a.k.a. Al Bino (Lead Guitar)
Axl. J. Lennon (Vocals)
Lee Claypool (Bass)

Black Chaos - A new band on the scene, one of the few bands that actually plays Flash Concerts. Some have accused them of being a tool of the corporations.

Johnny Tirade - (Vocals, Guitars)
Dave, 'The drummer' (Drums, oddly enough)
Eddie Rickenbacker (a.k.a. Eddie Jackson) - (Bass)
Lena Scales (Keyboards, backup vocals, some lead)

Kim Mera - psion who attended the Great Zen - Magnus concert that started the downfall of Arasaka in Night City.

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