Nine Seas

"We had chased after the Silver Slattern for a week. She was just as fast as we were, which was annoying. We had more troops, which was not. They had all their sails open and they were running north since turning would only allow us to close the distance. As the sun set, we saw the clouds that heralded the arrival of a storm. The Expanse had always been lousy with them. It was the only way to get from point A to point B without having to skirt through a lot of dangerous territories. Of course, The Expanse had a large number of its own dangers. Like us."

The Nine Seas is a peculiar area of Shadow that touches on many lands. The Nine Seas itself seems fairly immutable, but this is because it touches the Golden Circle and other places and the Golden Circle is next to Amber.

Nine Seas Map

The Maelstrom - at the very center of the Nine Seas is a giant Maelstrom. It is said to be eternal. This is at the center of…

The Expanse - A huge sea in the middle of the Nine Seas. It is also fairly eternal and does have islands in it. If you are not able to shift Shadow, you could be here for a long time. Until you blunder into the Maelstrom or sail into a storm that wrecks you, that is. The Expanse is storm rich but is the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

The following Shadows and their home ports touch on The Expanse. There are nine.

Shadow Begma - One of the Golden Circle Realms near Amber, Begma has a busy port that services most of the ships from the Golden Circle Realms and Amber's ships stop there frequently as well.

Shadow Theramore - One of the Silver Circle Realms, Theramore has one of the greatest trading cities in the Nine Seas.

Shadow Thrysland - A mountainous and forested Shadow, rich with metals, gems and wood. Three different peoples live here and all of them are dangerous.

Shadow Yss - Part of the Coral Branch realms, near Rebma, it has two ports, although only one is generally accessible. One is underwater and the other above-water. The same government runs both.

Shadow Catalina - Contains the great ports of Pendrell Town, Skyview Cliffs and Sivuaani.

Shadow Ironport - not actually the Shadow's name, but everyone calls it that, so it stuck. The Shadow is actually Illu Krakar. The Krakarians are evil and dealing with them can be dangerous.

Shadow Freeland - Actually an underdeveloped Shadow, it has many small towns and few cities near to the Nine Seas side of things. Pirates are known to live here because there are no strong governments in this area. Trading is scarce, which means it is profitable. The pirates fly plain black flags, and when they see each other, they don't fight each other. Unless they do. The few times others have tried to use the black flags to get close to pirate ships the pirates were all very affronted.

Shadow Kergula - influenced by the Celestial Kingdoms, its largest port city is Haibin. Haibin is at war with the two other major city-states. Another popular (and neutral) port is Kota Pelabuhan.

Shadow Desolace - also called the Dead Shadow. The population and its massive cities were stricken silent by something over a thousand years ago. Ships sometimes go to loot. Sometimes they come back. Sometimes only the ships come back. Sometimes neither.

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