Nobles of Amber

Noble Houses of Amber

Bayle - The famous maker of beers loved and hated all throughout Amber. De facto owners of Baylesport and everything around it and in it. Their riches rival those of the Royal Family, so they say.


Baron Bayle, the 23rd of his name. The current Baron Bayle is advancing in years, but not ready to yield to 24 just yet. He has been on poor terms with Amber since the murder of his son Rickard.

Rickard Bayle - murdered after rumors persisted that Deirdre's daughter Corrie was with child. His child. Deirdre's son Ian stormed into Bayle Manor and killed Rickard during a family dinner. Ian insisted that Rickard took advantage of a drunken Corrie. Oberon didn't care and sentenced Ian to banishment to Shadow for ten years, hard labor. That time may or may not be up already.

Chantris - Trainers of men at arms, and part of the backbone of Amber's army.

Mull - Specializes in farming and producing cavalry

Morven Fishing

Lorne Fishing

Sundridge Mining

Tyree Farming and cavalry

Cavendish Mining

Carrick Mining

Tanist Lumber

Bothwell Trading

Bannen Smithing

Arran Farming and cavalry

Morlaine Trading

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