Powers and more

Pattern - Available for 50 pts, or 35 pts. 35 pts gets you: Basic Imprint, Move to Shadows, able to go around natural blocks in Shadow, Summon sign of the Pattern. 15 point Pattern allows you to follow and more importantly find Shadow roads or Shadow paths. You cannot blaze your own trail, but must follow the roads or paths. You can follow someone through Shadow if they have Pattern as follows:

35 point Pattern. You can follow them.
50 point Pattern. You can follow them if they let you.

Trump - You DO own the book, right?

Power Words - 10 pts, per the book, works about everywhere, uses your END to power.

Sorcery - See the Magicks page. Also, RULES CHANGE EFFECTIVE 3/3/17
Pattern magic no longer exists as a power. It is now automatic. With the "correction" of the Pattern by the Council, Astrid, Bert and the Ghost of Fiona, all Amberites with 50 point Pattern (or better) will now be able to simply hang their spells either on an object (as before) or on the Pattern. Also, the Pattern will take the place of the 'Magic of Shadow' lynchpin, meaning that mages are no longer required to change lynchpins, or more importantly, no longer required to pay the extra points for this ability. Any character who had that had the points refunded.

Spells known = Psyche divided by 4. Three spells minimum if you are ranked. (Amber level = two spells, Chaos level = one spell)
Refer to this chart for:

Psyche Max Spells Hung Amber Spell Hang Time Amber Spell Adjust Time
Chaos 3 4 hours 1 hour
Amber 5 2 hours 30 minutes
1 to 19 6 1.5 hours 30 minutes
20 to 39 8 1.5 hours 20 minutes
40 to 59 10 1 hour 20 minutes
60 to 79 12 1 hour 15 minutes
80 to 99 14 40 minutes 15 minutes
100 to 119 17 40 minutes 10 minutes
120 to 149 20 30 minutes 7 minutes
150 to 199 24 30 minutes 5 minutes
200 to 299 30 20 minutes 2 minutes
300 and up 40 10 minutes 1 minute

Note that Amber Spell Adjust Time no longer refers to adjusting for Shadow, but if a character wants to change other lynchpins, like setting a spell specifically to target a person, or to not target a person for something area of effect, for example.

Artifacts, Creatures…yes.

Broken Pattern - Yes, if it fits your character.

Everything else, including several dozen powers nobody knows about, are available.

No constructs…yet.

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