In case you were wondering…

Nepenthe - [neh-pén-thee]

Lethe - [lee-thee] not "lathe" or "lay-thee"

Cynwyd - Kin widd

Janne - Yonnee

Kiril - Keer ill

Yllain - Ill ain

Hiyam - Hee yum

Cynderyn - Sin der in (explain that one!)

Daina - Da ee na (as opposed to Dana)

Shavo - Shah vo

Cyrena - Suh ree na

Adaline - Add uh leen

Celandine - Sell un deen

Lira - Leer uh

Jaehde - Jade

Kieran - Keer un

Valora - Vuh lore uh

Kiandra - Kee ann dra

Aizen - Eye zen

I'll add more if needed.

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