"The place was a nightmarish collection of castles, keeps, fortresses, huts and pretty much any other kind of construction one could imagine. It was close to Chaos, in more ways than one. Vampires seemed to run rampant here, and there were no people that one might discern as normal in the rural areas. The urban areas were a little more 'normal', if one could call it that. I had been reliably informed that my brother Bruidhe was residing in a Keep called Greystone or Grey Keep or something like that. Honestly, the only tactical solution I could see here would have been to carpet bomb. I was growing more frustrated by the moment and was cursing my lack of having his Trump when a seven foot tall woman walked up to me. She had large black wings that reminded me of nothing but a bat. She asked me if I was looking for someone and I told her I was. She said she was a goddess and knew all. Well, she knew where I could find Bruidhe. Any anger I had at him for living in such a godforsaken place, hmm, that was probably a poor choice of words. Anyway, when I found him and his lover, Riallus, I realized that he was exactly in the madhouse he needed to be in, and not in the madhouse we called Amber."

- Prince Cynwyd, General of the Cavalry of Amber, from his memoirs, volume 14.

Rhydin is a Shadow of enigmas, mysteries, power and pretty much anything one could imagine when a group of the powerful grow together. Some have posited that this was the place old Shadows went to die. Whatever the origin, the place was simply full of Keeps, Castles and Cottages belonging to one powerful being or another. A kind of paranoia was suggested since most of the powerful beings lived in their own power bases. The cities were mostly normal, and presumably helped supply the outlands with goods that people like that were not likely to make or grow for themselves.

Between there were the Inns of Rhydin, where all were welcome and it would not be uncommon to see an Angel, a mage, a vampire and a demon chatting over drinks.

The Shadow appears to be very malleable, on an extremely local level. Some keeps were always bathed in darkness and moonlight, and others perpetually caressed by the sun.

City of Rhydin - View of Rhydin, showing the city at night, which is when it seems to come alive.
Governor's Residence - There is currently no governor of Rhydin, since the last four people to hold the job all died very prematurely.
Ikani Headquarters
Original sign from Ikani Multinational, from back in the day when they originally opened. Ikani embraces the past, but anticipates the future. They do not forget.
Ikani helicopters, used to transport executives and strikeforces alike. They are quiet, for helicopters, are heavily armed, and made with ballistic cloth, ceramic chobham armor, and stealth and IR defeating materials. They are incredibly expensive to build, and none have ever been shot down or had a mechanical crash. Generally when one goes down it is due to a pilot making a mistake.
Ikani strike teams are heavily cyberneticized, discreet and experienced.
Inn of the Golden Lotus - On the border of the city and the magical side, this place is considered neutral, with only one assassination ever occurring there. Several city blocks were destroyed after that, and no attacks have ever occurred since then.
The Crystal Palace - Headquarters of the Followers of Light. They are a religious organization who despise vampires and users of magic. They are not believed to ever engage in anything illegal, but will buy real estate and develop it in the magical sections of Rhydin, in some cases depleting the magic of those areas.
Headquarters for Riken - A powerful zaibatsu, they are known for stealing talent away from their competitors. Sometimes by extortion, or so their victims claim.
Wakayama Multinational - This is a conglomerate responsible for making advanced military weaponry, like particle accelerators and microwave weaponry.

Inn of Rhydin

Black Keep
Dark Keep
Shadow Keep
Dark Shadow Keep
Dark Grey Shadow Keep

Boye, a Qarin, which is a familiar for Seren's mother Cearra.

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