Rulers of Amber

A listing of the rulers of Amber, their photographs, and why they are no longer in charge. Arianne is currently Queen of Amber. Like all other rulers of Amber, she traces her lineage back to Oberon, and hence Dworkin, the first King of Amber

Dworkin Barimen, Master of the Line, Creator of the Pattern, Stealer of the Eye, and other less complimentary titles. Oh, also First King of Amber. He ceased to be King of Amber when Oberon deposed him, and many centuries later he was believed to have passed away.


Oberon, King of Amber. Many say that his time was the zenith of Amber's time, although others would argue that it is going better with more family members to muck things up. Oberon died fixing the Pattern after it was damaged in what was called the Patternfall War. He was the son of Dworkin Barimen and the Unicorn.

Eric, King of Amber. Had himself crowned when Oberon vanished. His reign was brief, and he died defending Amber. Son of Oberon and Faiella.
Corwin, Lord of Amber. Took de facto command of Amber until Oberon returned. Some say he should be included as King because he crowned himself moments before Eric did the same. Corwin is believed to have died in the reality called Avalon. Son of Oberon and Faiella.
Random, King of Amber. Husband of Queen Vialle, Random, his wife and child were murdered in the Shadows. Random was the son of Oberon and Paulette. Their murder was the spark that set off the Reign of Terror, as some in Shadow called it.
Bleys, King of Amber. Did not stay King long and his reign was contentious. He abdicated the throne, in favor of his brother Brand. He later died while fighting the Serpent, which revealed that the Serpent had been posing as the King of Chaos. Son of Oberon and Clarissa.
Brand, King of Amber. During his reign Brand began to proactively destroy threats to Amber and Shadow. He was greatly hated for this and made some new enemies for Amber, but the Shadows have been safe since his death. He "corrected" the Pattern, which took power away from Amber but made Shadow more powerful. Son of Oberon and Clarissa. He died correcting the Pattern.
Fiona, Queen of Amber. The first Queen of Amber did not rule for a long time. She vanished one day and was never seen again, although it was later discovered that the insane Prince of Amber, Julian, had murdered her. Daughter of Oberon and Clarissa.

Locke, King of Amber. Ruled for about a year after Fiona's disappearance. He served as Regent, although some histories list him as King. He was murdered by Gheneshi, with his daughter, Blasa. Son of King Brand.

Mal, King of Amber. Ruled for 461 years, making him the longest ruler of Amber since Oberon. Amber flourished during his rule, and he was slain when the Beast destroyed Castle Amber. Son of King Brand and Mariel, daughter of Florimel.

Shani, Queen of Amber, sister of Locke. Ruled for nearly 480 years, making her the longest lasting ruler since Oberon. Amber rebuilt the Castle during her reign, which was largely peaceful. She was murdered by Mal the Second, who became King after Shani's death. Daughter of King Brand.

Mal the Second, Mal II, The Mad King. Mal II ruled after he murdered Shani and his reign was not quite one of terror since many in the family did not know he had killed Shani. Once all of his evil was discovered, he was killed by Malyssa and his sister Brenna. Son of Mal the First and Wynne.

Brenna, the Reluctant Queen. Ascended the throne after killing her brother. She stayed on the throne for less than two years, and once the dust had settled from the reign of Mal, she abdicated in favor of Malyssa, who ruled for one ten year period to "get things right". Brenna later became High Priestess of the Unicorn. Daughter of Mal the First and Wynne.

Malyssa, Queen of Amber. Ruled for one ten year period as promised. Then stepped down in favor of Warren. During her reign, the family started to trust each other again. Daughter of Locke and Millie.

Warren, King of Amber. During Warren's reign, he announced that Amber would withdraw from all interference in outside politics. This brought about the rise of the Free City and caused many other cities sworn to Amber to break away. After his term ended, he served on several of the Councils and was later murdered in the Free City by Brandy, daughter of Malyssa. Warren was the son of Locke and Rebecca.

Sherlock III, Last King of Amber. Sherlock was killed in his Castle by the Shadow Riders and the Dark Arcana. The Dark Arcana might have been wiped out. Some of the friends of Sherlock destroyed the Shadow Riders over the next few centuries. Sherlock the Third was the son of Sherlock the Second which makes him the grandson of Locke.

After the death of Sherlock the III Amber had a Council run things in the interim. This lasted until the election of Queen Arianne. Councils were as follows:
First Council. Astrid, Aine, Bert, Lacy, Claire, Erwin and Sherlock II.

Second Council. Astrid, Aine, Bert, Claire, Warren, Lacona and Wynne.

Third Council. Aine, Bert, Warren, Lacona, Wynne, Arianne, Mallory

Fourth Council. Bert, Warren, Lacona, Wynne, Arianne, Mallory, Jaynie

Fifth Council. Warren, Lacona, Arianne, Mallory, Jaynie, Pixie, Florian

Sixth Council. (Protector Elspeth's Council) The Council was expanded at this time. Lacona, Arianne, Jaynie, Pixie, Florian, Mallory, Ruiva, Wren of Caernarfon, Walder, Raiden, Zolie

Seventh Council. (Arianne's Council) Jaynie, Pixie, Mallory, Walder, Cyndie, Zolie, Eluce, Wynne, Malyssa, Wren. Zolie later left Amber and was not replaced, leaving the Council at Nine.
Jaynie daughter of Blasa and the god Asclepius is the Chief Surgeon of Amber.
Pixie daughter of Alder and Lauryl is Chief Scientist of Amber.
Mallory, daughter of Mal II.
Walder, son of Locke and Shani is married to Cyndie, and is part of the Ministry of State. He participates in both combat and diplomatic missions. He and his wife are usually the first choices of the Crown.
Cyndie, daughter of Locke and Rebecca is married to Walder, and is part of the Ministry of State. She participates in both combat and diplomatic missions. She and her husband are usually the first choices of the Crown.
Eluce ad'Tenebras is believed to be descended from Caine. She is of noble birth, and her mother was Vanna and her father Corson ad'Tenebras.
Wynne has served on the Council and is the only person to leave and return. She is the daughter of Locke and Shani.
Malyssa, former Queen of Amber is the daughter of Locke and Millie. She serves the Ministry of State.
Wren represents the military. Wren is from Caernarfon, and is the deputy to Elspeth. Wren is the daughter of Gwydion and Arietta.

Arianne is the current Queen of Amber, after being voted in by the family in a general election. She served as Minister of State and whispers are that she was Mistress of Secrets, which would have made her in charge of Amber's Spy network. She is a master of the political scene, and early reports have her doing a great job. Daughter of Dairine, who was a daughter of Ariel, who was a daughter of Fiona.
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