Scions 3rd Gen

Third Generation. These are the children of Elders.

Elspeth, daughter of Bleys. Former Protector of Amber. General of the Armies of Amber. Rescued from a pocket Shadow and mental domination thanks to Zolie.

Kieryn Blackthorn, daughter of Bleys, Queen of the Unseelie. Lost on a mission to help revivify the Shadows, she is believed to be dead.

Kieryn Kieryn2.jpgKieryn3.jpg
Image of Kieryn from the time she was a Dark Lady of the Sith
Kelly, daughter of Gerard - Superhero from Shadow, rescued by Matthias, best friends with She Who Betrayed the Serpent a.k.a. the Supervillain Samhain Bliadain.
Other noted members of the Third Generation
Veronica, daughter of Sand (dream)
Sethria, daughter of Julian (Elven form)
scions%20sethria.jpgAnd dragon form

Deceased, but responsible for many members of the Royal Family of Amber

Evermay, daughter of Brand (deceased)

Her descendants include Lacy, Adan, Alder, Lauryl, Trinity, Lochlan, Ilaria and a pair of twins who died under horrible circumstances, and their descendants Dana Bothwell, Evalyn, Pixie, Quinton and maybe more.

Locke, son of Brand (deceased, murdered by the Gheneshi along with his daughter Blasa)

His descendants are too numerous to list, but why not give it a shot? Adan, Alder, Blasa, Brant, Claire, Cyndie, Darius, Erwin, Everett, Lacy, Lara, Lauryl, Loki, May, Randall, Sherlock II, Valerie, Walder, Warren, Wynne, Yavanna and probably a half dozen more. Oddly enough, only Warren ever served as King, and only for ten years, before stepping down. All of these were from four different mothers, (Evermay, Rebecca, Shani and Valora)

Milli, daughter of Fiona (deceased)
Her descendants include Claire, Kirian, Malyssa and Trinity. Her grandchildren include Semra, Harley, Jericho, Karlie, Rylee, Brandy and Charlize. Beyond that, Zayn and the seventh generation are descended from her.
Rebecca, daughter of Florimel (deceased, killed in combat against the Mad King, Mal II.) She only had children with her husband and love of her life, Locke.
Rebecca's children are Afiya, Cyndie, Darius, Erwin, Lara, May, Salus, Sherlock II and Warren. Other noted descendants include King Sherlocke III, Avianna, Lilyanna and Sherlock IV.
Shani, daughter of Brand (deceased, murdered by her grandson, Mal II.)

Shani's descendants include Brant, Loki, Walder and Wynne. (Note that Wynne was the mother of the Mad King, Mal the Second)

Valora, daughter of Random (deceased)

Valora's descendants include Blasa, Everett, Randall, Valerie and Yavanna, plus Blasa's daughter Jaynie, and a number of other grandchildren.

Kiandra, Queen of Corilaine, daughter of Sand. She ruled Corilaine. (Deceased) Became undead while on a mission from Dworkin. Cured of undeath by the Pattern. She subsequently died as Time reasserted its mastery.
Astrid, Sorceress of Corilaine, daughter of Fiona, wielder of the Jewel of Judgment. (Deceased) Became undead while on a mission from Dworkin. Cured of undeath by the Pattern. She subsequently died as Time reasserted its mastery.
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