Scions 7th Gen

Unless something changes, the last generation of Amberites. Only three currently exist. The three children of Everleigh, listed in birth order, were all born within a ten year period. Nobody is sure what caused it, and nobody is sure why Everleigh has not had another child, including Everleigh. It is rumored that Alannah and Lina have become pregnant, but lost the children early in the pregnancy. Vance may have also impregnated women, but no child of the Eighth Generation has been born, or made it out of the first trimester. Everleigh has never revealed who the father or fathers of the three children were. Maybe the Council knows.

Alannah, daughter of Everleigh (deceased)
Lina, daughter of Everleigh
Vance, son of Everleigh
Eluce ad'Tenebras - Steward of Amber. Bloodthirsty if you mess with her people.
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