Scions Amber

Map of the Castle of Amber and its surrounding environs can be found here. Scions Map of Amber

The Castle of Amber Occasionally called the Red Keep, sarcastically, it still resembles the paintings of it that were made two thousand years ago.

Main Hall
Library of Amber
Throne Room
The ghosts had suddenly abandoned the third tunnel in the basement. There had been a horrible slaughter some five hundred years ago, which had claimed King Mal. The third tunnel was therefore warded and glyphed like few other halls or doors in the Keep. The man looked at his cousin, who could have passed for a young Fiona, and shrugged slightly. "I don't sense any of the ghosts," she said, "and as a medium, that concerns me…hey, what's that? I don't like it. That looks like…Werewindle."

The Red Keep doesn't always refer to the hair color of its rulers. It also refers to the amount of blood that was spilled there, in multiple attacks, going back over a thousand years, and including a costly and bloody civil war which claimed the lives of Queen Shani and heralded the start of the tyrannical reign of Mal the Second. After Mal's eventual reunion with those he murdered, including Rebecca and his cousins Adan and Alder, three more children of the House Brand ruled in Amber, until the death of the last King, Sherlocke the III. After his death, there was a twelve-year Interregnum, and then the first Council was formed. Fiona's daughter Astrid, the Undead Lady of Greenwood led that Council with the caveat that she would do so for no longer than 100 years. She went over by a bit but stepped down.

Arianne, Queen of Amber, great-granddaughter of Fiona is probably the most politically adept, and usually gets her way.
Lacona, daughter of Lacy and Conall is a calming presence.
Mallory, daughter of the Mad King Mal the Second is new to the Council and many fear the possibility of her going mad.
Jaynie, daughter of Blasa, is older than most of the Fourth Generation and more powerful than most of them.
Florian, son of Orin and Ramira. Newly elected to The Council.
Pixie, daughter of Alder and Lauryl. Scientist. Brilliant.

Ruiva, court sorceress of Amber

Claire, first person to ever return to the Council

All of them are part of the Advisers Elspeth frequently refers to.

Elspeth, General of the Armies of Amber.

Her advisers include the Council and Wren, second in command of the army of Amber, Portia Hendrake, Captain Erica of the Castle Guard, Eluce ad'Tenebras, Steward of Amber and Gwendaline of Corilaine. An adviser from Arden is supposed to be added.

Eluce ad'Tenebras, Steward of Amber
Malina, Emissary of Arden
Mallaigh, Liaison to the City of Amber
Brandy (believed to be deceased. Maybe.)
Helga, daughter of Johann, from Gerard's line.
May, daughter of Locke and Rebecca

Quinton. Quiet. Broody. Son of Mal II

Kirian - A little loopy, and always seems to know what people are thinking. Son of Milli.
Erica, daughter of Orin and Ramira.
Definitely deceased
Dana Bothwell, daughter of Adan. (Deceased) Member of Noble House Bothwell. Slain by a Fire Angel.
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