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Previously ruled by the line of Jolene, first by her, and then by Garrity, son of Jolene and Matthias, the official title of Arden (in documents anyway) is simply called Arden. The Forest of Arden refers to the actual territory, and the two parts of the forest are Lesser Arden and Greater Arden.

Garrity previously ruled Arden until he was slain during the Return of Julian. It's unfortunate because there were whispers that he was aging with unnatural grace. Still, as a dictator, he was the best of the best. Benevolent, wise, but strict and nobody's fool, Garrity outlived some of his siblings but was slain by evil Elves, under the command of Julian, his grandfather. Word has it that Whitney, his daughter, is not fit to rule Arden and with all the trauma and carnage she witnessed its no surprise that she has turned to drink to bring surcease from her sorrows. Malina, Whitney's daughter is young, inexperienced, but battle-hardened as has a good soul, but many oppose her.

Arden is larger, over the centuries than ever before. There is a lesser Arden, to the east of the river, and a greater Arden, which is the rest of it. Several cities, some in the trees, some not, some both, are scattered through Arden. Arden is warded by her rangers and a dragon. Arden is considered an ally to the Red Keep of Amber, and although relations have warmed and cooled over the centuries, they have never been at war or even had any incidents since before Jolene founded her House.

Many of Gerard's and Caine's offspring who are not also of House Jolene call Arden home, and even a few others. Crime is lower in Arden than in the Keep, Amberport or any of the surrounding cities. This is attributed to the strict, but the libertarian rule of House Jolene, where people are allowed to do what they want, as long as they harm no other. Violators are indentured for a time, beaten, exiled, or in rare cases, executed. Crime is lower in Arden than anywhere else.

Recent changes
After the war against Julian and the Elves, there were many political factions who argued over who was to rule Arden. Some wanted nothing to do with Amber. Some wanted to be closer to Amber. Others were trying to decide on a more xenophobic policy. The result was the Great Schism, which resulted in the following new nations.

The Grove - the closest to Amber both geographically and politically, it contains the Grove of the Unicorn, and the western boundary is the East River, which is kind of confusing unless you think about it.
Lesser Arden - West of the East River and East of the West River, this contains the majority of the population of Arden.
Greater Arden - West of the West River, this forest also contains Forene, which is a city-state which rules all lands up to twenty miles from Forene itself.
Far Arden - to the extreme west, suffered the first casualties in the Elven Wars and was the last to be liberated.
The Old Forest - previously claimed by nobody, some descendants of Deirdre and Benedict have claimed it as their own, managed from Barimen's Tears, which is east of the Old Forest.
Southville - South of Arden, and was under the administration of Arden, but no longer. Their borders stop about sixty miles from any side of the city, or the edge of the forest, whichever is closer.
Coill Selkonen - also known as the Northwood or North Arden, is surrounded by rivers and on three sides and is across the river from Forene. They had no incursions by elves. Lake Kolvir is just south of them and Lake Arden is on the western border.

Garrity once ruled from what is called Jolene House. He also lived there, with his frequent mistresses. The House will now need to be rebuilt again. Once from an unfortunate fire, once from being cut down and entirely demolished, at Julian's command and the other due to the original tree rotting.
Whitney, daughter of Garrity. Heir Apparent to Arden. Whitney is currently a prisoner of Julian, and in this hour she has endured humiliation, torture and worse on behalf of her people. If anyone was against her before, they will hear about her incredible courage in the face of Julian, the Gheneshi and Julian's other minions, and people will marvel at her willpower.
Malina, daughter of Whitney. The girl's a magnet for bad luck. Has blood from the Celestial Courts, through her father.
Julia, daughter of Jolene and Matthias. Healer. Shapeshifter extraordinaire. Talks to the animals.

Pietro, son of Dante. This scion of Brand's line is about as rebel a son as one could imagine. He did not want to be part of the 'pack' after Dante tried to gather all of the werewolves together. He told the Mad King of Amber, Mal II, something so awful that it took Pietro nearly twenty years to recover from it after he was freed from the dungeons of Amber. The Red Council tried to approach him as well and they were told a few choice words as well. The Red Council, however, didn't take any action again the renegade. He resides in the Northwest of Greater Arden, drinking and fighting. He is not a nice man, but he never turns anyone down who legitimately needs help. Recently something happened to Pietro, who now has the mind of wolf/Garou half.

Now, having lost the wolf, but having gained immense shamanic power, he is broken and old - but happy.

Pietro's House, just south of the Shadow Road to Orocarni, near the Hamlet of Alveric.

scions%20pietro%20house.jpgAntonia, daughter of Dante. (deceased) Antonia roams Arden, usually ending and sometimes starting trouble. She has aged much better than Pietro has, oddly enough.
Antonia.jpgKaiya and Natalya (deceased), daughters of Antonia. Garou like their mother, they are the kind of muscle one would gladly call for reinforcements. Natalya was slain during an assassination attempt on Julian.
Coralie (Walks on Pine Cones) Female-Shaman Dresses in camo.
scions%20blon.jpgBastian (Touches The Clouds) Male - Ahroun, nearly eight feet tall, dresses in black. Fights as a huge dire wolf.

Southville - Founded by Garrity during the reign of his mother, Lady Jolene, it is a trading hub and fortress, it covers the south border of the Greater Arden.

Zarah, daughter of Reese. Runs most of the day to day activities in the city. Like the acting Mayor. In town, she's very proper. Out of town, she is known to be involved with Pietro. Believed to be in a coma, or possibly she has died, unannounced.

Abrielle, Emmaline and Garrison, children of Benicia. Members of House Jolene, who was Benicia's mother. They are also descended from Benedict through their grandfather, Callum.

Abrielle, the Troublemaker
Emmaline, the Peacemaker
Garrison, the Warrior
Vaelen, grandson of Nash and Sethria, son of Tristen Half-dragon and Elena.


Part of some tragic story. They live in the mountains fairly close to the Shadow Road to the Dark Circle.

Luthien, daughter of Julian. Elven lady, cares for the trees and the dwindling number of spirit beasts and trees.

Liri, daughter of Malicia
Greta - a prisoner of the Elves, blinded by one of them at one point.
Kalama - Elven, injured Greta, but then returned to the Light.

Forene is the engineers' city, founded by Matthias and Jolene over a thousand years ago. Their dedication to technology was not looked upon favorably by many in Arden, and they moved the city to the mountains in the Northwest. Ruled by Elysia until her death, her son Elison is now Lord of Forene.

Elison, Lord of Forene, First Engineer of Forene - he is actually that smart. He has abilities that don't work well in Arden, but in the pocket Shadow of Forene they work just fine thank you. Also, lightning or bullet generated or launched in Forene are simply lightning and hurled pieces of metal when they get to Arden. The Elves made that unpleasant discovery and eventually decided to leave Forene alone.
Elisse, General of the Armies of Forene - a somewhat laughable title since they have a small security force. They are highly trained, even if they are no match for your standard Amber guard. In the right situation though, they could be unbeatable.


Kali - sent to slay Garrity

Kalil - on a mission to destroy Tree City
Kalani - sent to destroy The Nest

The Invaders

Deceased invaders and defenders of Arden can be seen in War in Arden

Broon, daughter of Julian of Amber and Queen Alleria of the Elves. Former General in the Elven Army of Arden. Freed by the Light.


Niall - Garou
Nirvana - Shaman assisting Pietro
Macaria, stranger discovered in Arden (Deceased) Died in Musique.
Cordana Felsong attempted to assassinate the Unicorn when she was under the influence of Julian
In her armor
Metsa, a ranger of the area near Ravenwood, who saved Cordana.
Aggie, a destitute druid who lives in the woods, and off of the woods. Don't insult her with money.
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